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About catching doll's main structure to help you buy for reference

Jan 20, 2017

Buyers learn about doll machine is not enough. Doll very much, but pretty much the same, some businesses buy dolls machine couldn't help wonder, a doll similar to appearance, size, and just more than 1000 much cheaper and expensive five thousand or six thousand, or even seven thousand or eight thousand, what is the difference between the two? Afraid to buy poor quality doll! Below we take a look at the doll machine's main structure:

1, baby chassis
We know that the doll machine rely on appearance and gifts in the machine, to attract consumers, and appearance is mainly reflected in the chassis.

Looks, appearance, similar to the same size chassis, difference is quite big. Three chassis in the industry, luxury-normal chassis, chassis and plastic chassis. General chassis, used material is a bit poor, although light, but not color; luxury chassis material better, and using LED lights with color changes and plastic chassis, then some special treatment, make the chassis more light and matching LED light bar, the whole beauty of superior!

2, the doll boards
Doll machine a wide variety of boards, including homemade boards and Taiwan motherboard. Homemade Board is divided into many (small yellow, macro sheet and liquid crystal display boards, etc), Taiwan doll boards mainly refers to Taiwan. Machine run stable or not, the motherboard is plays a major role, with a good motherboard, dolls machine operation and greater stability.
(Note: some non-professional small businesses in order to deal, in the process of selling dolls would mislead consumers, such as: dolls may want to grab a few times can only be taken one, accurate to a few lies. )

In addition to the Board's confidence, Taiwan other motherboard equipped with LCD display, convenient business very simple adjustment of the doll set of functions. Manufacturers in the factory has comprehensive laws of the market, adjust all functions, dolls machine to the site only in accordance with the local consumption level to set the number of coins played, again depending on the selected size dolls, weight strong grip and weak grip can be fine-tuned.

3, dolls machine crane
Doll machine crane is second only to the important parts of the motherboard in the doll machine running, crane is good or bad depends on the crane used for induction of fretting, followed by motors speed. Doll machine induction fretting decided doll machine's operation stability, customer experience is good, mostly depending on crane motor speed. Doll machine crane domestic Crown and Taiwan original crane two domestic crane can be divided into General Motors-and fast electric model, as the name suggests, fast motor speed, sense of customer experience better. Taiwan original cranes used crane, and fretting on the crane and some parts were slightly better than the domestic Crown, of course, to the customer experience is a plus.

4, doll crafts
Even if the doll machine chassis, Board, overhead crane use is the same, different manufacturers and products are different. Dolls, relying on manual Assembly, when you buy a machine, we only pay attention to the appearance, but the internal wiring how to? The layout is reasonable? Doll machine process of good, not only machine will greatly reduce the failure rate, and is very easy to repair.

5, doll sale
Doll machine service includes warranty services failure advisory services and equipment, due to service problems, some manufacturers of aftermarket customer commitment, but useless. In fact, far-sighted doll manufacturers attach great importance to the after-sales service, know doll in great demand and very prone to repeated purchases.

Buy dolls online notes that the five points above, you can choose a good quality.