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Doll machine debugging skills

Jan 21, 2017

Doll machine operating mode: game to n times (DIP SW2 1th to 5th foot shot setting) if there is no prize, COIN is no longer deducted, and extensively until the jackpot so far will have been sent (or DIP SW1 7th foot adjustable only send 3 free games). If it is in between winning the recount. Must install shipping magic eyes, switch on the machine when the program will detect magic eye, if fault or is not installed, the display will appear "EE" fault code. Doll games: games to n times (DIP SW2 1th to 5th foot shooting settings) failed to win after only sending 1 strongly, regardless of whether the recalculation of winning. If it is in between winning the recount. When doll machine adjusted "operating mode free strong mode" only 3 times, is not retained after power off. 1. doll machine if its EO codes, you can swap 78E58 on the PCB Board and EPROM (W27C512) can be eliminated. 2. doll machine if appeared E1 code, is may is Shang stopped switch failure caused of, first check Shang stopped micro-moving switch of plug whether connection good; upper and lower action of motor drive circuit whether normal----this species situation most is 2SC5200 of failure and caused, for of OK; most common of also has is linked of pull was wrapped around in pulley of outside caused of claws back not in place and caused claws of coil has been power and burned circuit board. Faced this situation must open the Crown cover wrapped around pulleys line up outside, and can exactly plastic pulley. 3. the doll machine crane cannot or cannot move----this time off to observe on the PCB of K1, K2 and K5, K6 four relay burned out, pass +12V power testing with a multimeter to test whether they function to quickly find points of failure, replace the bad one and its insurance and diode power supply OK. 4. doll machine if its E9 code, you first check the counter (meter) cable is connected and if the counter (meter) itself is good and a good connection, PC817 fault, change OK. 5. the doll machine if EE code are shipments caused by electric failure. 1) first shipping magic eye +12V to check the power supply is connected properly; 2) shipping magic eye if the red LED lights stay lit on, if the red LED lights on the ship magic eye only at gift sense light only when the normal, (note that this system is normally closed low level signal. ) 3) if permanent is shipping magic eye not working properly, can be confirmed with the substitution approach; 4) if shipped there gifts also does not light when the block, the motherboard will be abnormal, just replace U32 (74LS244). 6. doll claw doesn't work, is not always open to catch the gift, you will need to replace relay next to the 2SC5200 can be eliminated.