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For displaying dolls machine operation to find venues

Jan 21, 2017

Doll machine in the market place are four or five rows of decoration, is mainly used to attract the customer crowd to try full effect.

Dolls placed the main theater on the premises, shopping malls, restaurants, KTV, gaming city, including a cinema hall, a place is located in a business corridor. Many dolls are 35 rows of display, flashing lights in the evening, beautiful, beautiful.

Some dolls in two-dimensional code still places change money, paid directly with micro-scanning code QR can play.

Doll is the market standard. Walking through the Mall is tired, you can play. Dolls can get noticed, nearly all malls have.

Doll machine operating how to attract more people to pay attention to a few factors: 1, site selection. 2, operational skills. 3, high performance user experience better. 4, new dolls, strange. That's why more dolls than elsewhere. From the point of view of the customer experience, dolls machine must to achieve high performance in order to give customers a better user experience; from technical to Accessories matching the top doll machine industry today is not a new industry, doll machine's customers have a lot of lying to make money at home. OK to Mall walk from one way to replenish stock.

Choose this function is not just a fancy dolls to make money, but gives users a more fun, 30% is a gift of the passenger flow in many shopping centres. Also there is a good idea to see fun to go back and play, enough perhaps to go back to shop; dolls doll quality requirements are relatively high.