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Origin of the dolls

Jan 21, 2017

90 Japan SEGA company invention has caught cloth doll of machine, name called UFO catcher, Taiwan commonly known as doll machine, Hong Kong said clip public Tsai machine, in domestic market we called for caught real trafficking machine, main is divided into "II claw", and "three claw" and "four claw" single machine, and double people machine, variety style and play; all products put in transparent of take real box within, machine within has a can control grab items of machine arm, customer to machine input a Yuan coins on can caught once, So it was also called a catch a smoke machine and a holding a cigarette machine, users own technical control to draw the claws, grab what you want; First place inside the plush toys, it is "clip Doll", and doll, "said, now in order to attract more customers, the major businesses operating automatic vending machines placed in the machine cigarettes, watches and other products, because the product unique play novel stimuli, so popular among children and adults welcome.