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Simple talk vending machine

Jan 20, 2017

Now we talk about the most is the national entrepreneurship, sharing economic and intelligent VR. Vending machines as a highly intelligent devices, low cost and intelligence is a good choice.
So, the question. How to choose the vending machine brand, site, how to cost recovery, profit at the same time can quickly copy it.

Following is a brief list of business process problems
Operating factors include:
1. point site: vending machine operations, such as improper selection, and fails to effectively assess the environment constraints. Such as traffic, traffic trends, competition, and so on, it is bound to affect the result of point operation. Location in Ascension plays a critical role in the operation.
2. competition: the competition is operated by a problem that must be taken into account, too much competition in the area tend to satisfy the situation, in terms of cost effectiveness of inputs and outputs, typically belong to the candle. Therefore operators in order to improve operation effect, competitive factors must be fully studied.
3. commodity: consumer demand is diversifying, if the vending machine operator did not fully take into account this factor, which manages opt to work, then it must be reduced. For example, did not experience the product, special offers, and event merchandise is hard to achieve the best operational result.
4. marketing: marketing is an important means of upgrading some operations, marketing campaigns planning and precision do not often directly drag operation increases. As an analogy, in very hot areas pushing hot drinks promotions, very cold regions pushed cold drinks promotions, which has asked for it to die. Then as in low-income areas to push big-ticket promotions, in high-income areas pushed the low-end products.
5. operating elements: operational factors mainly refers to operating companies on the quality control points in operation, cleanliness, intact rate of equipment damage rate, rate, out of stock, and so on, are effects important operation of the outputs.

Now vending machines, on the technical side, the Basic are making hot drinks sold separately, sales of products (range of adult products, food, snacks, cigarettes, chewing gum, drinks, etc). According to I by know purchase vending machine of when, several need note of aspects: anti-theft problem, and vending machine brand, and brand manufacturers of strength, and sale Hou machine inside most important of parts coins device notes device of brand, and sale Hou machine inside painting effect (now many manufacturers save cost, are only spray once thin paint, easy rust), and lifts problem, and paid treasure micro-letter background paid problem, and background cloud real-time monitoring intelligent analysis problem.