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Vending machine popping out how to improve its profitability

Jan 20, 2017

Vending machines have come into the streets of vending machines are also highly profitable projects, so when I first entered this industry how to better improve sales, improve efficiency, today will introduce to you in greater detail.
Operational cost control
For example, if a franchisee, or an individual purchased a no vending machines, you should monitor this unmanned machine backstage, sales records, which consists of the following four parts:
1) the timely filling of goods;
2) item and the check of the machine itself;
3) below the line activities;
4) replenishment and recovery time.
Second, commodity channel innovation
Always pay attention to the sale of the goods traffic, lack of goods in some sales record, we have to remember that "innovation". Innovation means flexible, because of bad sales, is not only the product itself is not popular with the crowds outside, there could be problems, even the packaging of the product is not good, prices are slightly more expensive and so on.
Three, no vending machine location
This is from an unattended vending machines since entering the market, mentioning a problem. Indeed, no one vending machine location, determine to a large extent on its sale of good or bad.
Because our industry is a special industry, but it is the business of life. Combined you where city of features, seriously analysis Xia market situation, activities of main route and way, and or crossroads, and University City,, has focus of for visited location, store on both sides as don't has catering, industry, so as not to effect customer shopping, selected in make in the take static of place, life Street or two Street, not only let more of people faster of found, more important of is to consumers a shopping of privacy sex.
Four, the range of products
Sometimes, it is not necessarily the type of products you sell, the more the better. Depends on the viscosity of the consumer groups, to understand their needs, because the user is lead. Even if you sell only one product, as long as its good sales, then you're still a successful operator.