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Violent rain, vending machine soaking treatment method

Jan 20, 2017

We all know usher in strong rainstorms in several areas recently, during this storm season how to protect a vending machine, vending machines, after all, is a tall, forcing things, particularly with regard to electronic control, that's the core of the vending machine, how to keep losses to a minimum? Let us carefully said:
1. structure, most are not afraid to shower, you can wash with distilled water or alcohol, and dry, for a period of time and then use moveable parts department must pay attention not to resistance to change.
2. for devices, you must first replace the leakage protection, in which water is hard to come out, for safety, be sure to replace!
3. Circuit Board, if the water too long, must be replaced; if time is short, can for the first time after washing with distilled water, and then wash with high levels of alcohol, with a blow dry, drying time, for a period of time before use.
4. wire types, discharge pipe water, wash with distilled water after cleaning with alcohol and dry after use.
5. after cleaning is not determined safe to use, must be in a secure site, testing for more than 72 hours, confirm replace after use.
6. be sure not to use tap water, not to use mineral water to rinse the circuit board and electrical parts, because both of these charged ions in the water too much, after the cleaning extremely easy to form a short circuit, has security implications.