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After The Use Of Small Cranes, Pay Attention To Maintenance

May 27, 2017

Small crane use process should also pay special attention to the following points:

1, lifting the first time, and then once again a pair of nuts. In the future lifting operations, should also often check the nuts are loose.

2, Mini Crane Claw Machine the combination of clutch and detachment operation must be carried out in an empty load state, and to ensure that the trip to.

3, does not allow the clutch to fall off with a load release.

4, Mini Crane Claw Machine the trip switch is used as a safety limit, can not replace the work switch often used.

5, for lifting operations, Mini Crane Claw Machine upstairs downstairs staff to work closely with the lifting of the lifting process of heavy objects under the station.

Maintenance of portable small cranes:

1, wire rope winding should be arranged neatly, dense, close, and often check the wear and tear, if any problems should be replaced immediately.

2, when the shutdown should be in an empty state, can not be heavy for a long time in the air.

3, in use, should always check the equipment with or without abnormal sound.

4, Mini Crane Claw Machine the motor brake appears parking down, you can remove the wind shield, fan. Open the rear cover and place the spring under an appropriate pad.

5, the cumulative use of 500 hours should be a maintenance, Mini Crane Claw Machine clean up the dirt, add grease, adjust the fastening bolts.

The weight of a small crane is best not to exceed 70% of the nominal weight. The higher the higher the more.

The clutch is to ensure that the clutch is fully inserted into the air to ensure that it is fully closed before starting the machine. Mini Crane Claw Machine The clutch should always be checked during lifting.

After the machine is installed, the first time should try to hang, check the equipment is normal, check the nut is loose, and then gradually increase the weight.

Load the goods can not open the clutch, Mini Crane Claw Machine the application of motor-driven cargo decentralization. And put the feet on the brakes in advance to prevent the pulley.

Often check the machine is abnormal, regular maintenance, if there is a problem of gear damage, can easily cause the goods fall to the ground, regular maintenance to avoid such problems occur.

The angle of the inclined arm and the column is preferably within 45 degrees. Angle increases, the arm will increase, the pillars of the load to increase.

Turn the arm on the column, make sure that the rotation is flexible and you can add the appropriate grease. If the pole deformation should be replaced as soon as possible.

After the launch of the goods, try to avoid power off, power outage caused by the vibration of the column will cause the harm is great, if the lifting weight, Mini Crane Claw Machine can easily lead to the collapse of the column.

When the goods enter and exit the window, they should seize the goods smoothly and out of the goods, should not be forced to pull the goods, especially when lifting a larger volume or heavier goods, more attention

When installing a small crane, Mini Crane Claw Machine it must be confirmed that the column is mounted vertically and that the vertical degree should be checked in different directions.

The ground must be flat, can not have debris, if the paved tile floor, you must add a layer of appropriate pad, to increase the friction with the ground.

Fixed wire cylinder nut must be tightened, Mini Crane Claw Machine commonly used hook wrench general strength can not reach, it is recommended in the hook wrench in front of a long tube, lifting must always check the nut is loose.

The position of the arm on the column can not be too high or too low, too high too low will lead to the reduction of bearing capacity, resulting in inverted bar.