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Business Doll Machine Must Know The Key

Jan 21, 2017

Want to run to catch the baby machine has 4 important steps!
1, purchase, how to choose a quality manufacturer of reliable and affordable gaming machine? The uneven quality of game products on the market, prices vary widely, high prices do not represent good quality and only buy right! Do not buy the expensive ones! Usually dealers in the field, more expensive! To buy affordable good quality game console manufacturers purchase from the source! How do I tell if a game machine manufacturer? Most manufacturers would have a large spot in the warehouse for customers to look at the goods, then only tentatively asked manufacturers have no cash, can goods door-to-door, manufacturers will give you truly to see the goods!
2, business site, you must first study the terrain, not many people travel. Community gate, supermarkets, industrial .... Comparison of popular South Korean best! Site recommendation is take rent mode, display of the machine, how many stores under the rent each month, so we get more! In some areas, is also the profit split, depending on the situation on the ground!
3, how to operate! Operating mode you have to tell the manufacturer or consult manufacturer how to operate to make money! Factory machine factory will give you the right local operating mode! Receipt of goods without debugging, plug-in you can use! Save time and worry and effort!
4, appears in the operating condition, machine operation in the process will have some rogue players kick, kicking, smashing cause the machine to malfunction. ...... Suggest that you fixed the machine to avoid machine failure.