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Doll Making Money Need To Pay Attention To Business Details

Jan 21, 2017

1 doll, in order to make money, first of all, to pay special attention to the selection of doll airport. Why do you say it? first doll face of the population are young people and children, so you should choose where these groups are concentrated, or regular hangout, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, movie theaters, or large commercial Street.
2 investment dolls quickly back to the fundamentals, is to choose a suitable investment site for doll game. There are many doll machine types on the market today, such as the ordinary version, imported versions, some doll machine itself with a coin for sale features some dolls not necessary to buy a used slot machines for sale. Therefore, during the process of operation, you should choose which version of the game, or how to match is a very important factor. Not only are able to reduce their investment costs, as well as shorten the return cycle.
3, management doll machine usually how long it takes to recover the cost? in the course of business, we are very concerned about recovery time of investment capital. In fact, as long as the choice of venue well, so cost recovery in three months or so. Mainly because of the baby machine is a big upfront investment, in the course of operations, are generally not required to invest in labor costs. There is every player clip doll machine process, cannot be played, most people are consuming about 5-10 Yuan.
In short, baby machine is an ideal investment, not only for the company's investment business, but also for some personal investments. So long, by finding out what lives in, there is a good site, you can buy dolls machine where is placed. However, here is to remind you that in the process of buying dolls, you should select some of the more famous doll brand, because the doll machine crane is more easily damaged, so the service is more important.