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Gifts Dolls Put On To The Theme Of

Jan 20, 2017

Along with the development of the amusement industry, children's Park has expanded from extensive management into a fine business, competition and with it, buy some equipment, rent a storefront you can shovel of gold has gone.

Representative on baby gifts, at the amusement park, the gaming city, children are an integral part of the Park, and high popularity, high profit machine, as living standards improve, recreation and leisure consumption greatly enhanced gift machine put into many standard facilities in business district, entertainment, this is enough to explain the gift industry flourished. But gift market, likewise is facing the same situation. Investors in a share of this industry?
Doll machine to enter China more than 30 years, divided in three stages;

The first phase, in the large city would spend catching doll machine, player winning is difficult, for managers ' extensive;

The second stage, Taiwan model, grasping in each town crowded into smoke machine, player winning is difficult, for managers ' extensive;

The third stage, the big city shopping malls, KTV in the high-end entertainment put on the catching doll, catching fine, players win relatively easy, operator management and meticulous. Player gift price is not so important, but to enjoy catching gift and get the joy of gift.

Currently this young are should be of leisure way by General players of love, meet mass consumption trend, for small entrepreneurs, select business put doll machine is a compared good of investment direction, first, compared other entertainment machine put, to keep players fresh sense and need constantly update machine Taiwan (put swing machine is a example), and Doll machine not obsolete, from initially of doll machine to now of doll machine, basic no what big changes, gift of constantly update, to has caught doll machine is strong of vitality; second, Little capital, dolls without repeat purchases, projects can be described as an investment, permanent income, the operator simply by changing the gift and, compared to other investment projects, dolls machine rate of return can be substantial.