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High Efficiency Of Small Cranes

Nov 01, 2017

Small cranes are a transport vehicle that is combined with a small crane and chassis. It is composed of lifting arm, turntable, frame, leg and so on. By changing amplitude, expansion, slewing, winch and other mechanisms to achieve the mechanical action of small cranes, through the combination of different actions to achieve lifting operations.

Small cranes are short for small cranes (Small crane), usually a special vehicle produced by small cars, two-class chassis, and special small cranes (usually lifting weights below 12 tonnes). Widely used in construction sites, Mini Crane Claw Machine industrial and mining enterprises, stations, terminals, electricity, postal, urban construction, landscaping, paving bridges and other fields.

Small cranes include the body, the body on the surface near the right side of the fixed connection has a support seat, supporting the upper surface near the right side of the hinge connected with the lifting rod, Mini Crane Claw Machine the lifting rod is fixed connected with a small motor, the small motor drive shaft is provided with a pull rope, the left end of the rope The top of the lifting rod is fixedly connected with the hanging ring corresponding to the rope, and the right section of the pulling rope is connected with the ground phase from the hanging ring and the right end of the cord is fixed.

Small cranes have a more comprehensive simulation function, Mini Crane Claw Machine with loading and unloading functions, lower production costs and more energy saving and environmental protection.

Characteristics of small Cranes

One, the whole hydraulic transmission, the work is steady, the operating speed adjusts arbitrarily, the work efficiency is high, the labor intensity is low, is the light crane mainstream and the development direction.

Second, Mini Crane Claw Machine equipped with safety locks and hydraulic brakes, advanced technology, good security.

Third, the use of factory-produced vehicle chassis, reasonable configuration, reliability is guaranteed.

Four, boom materials using the national standard steel overall repression.

Equipped with night work lighting and warning Shing in operation area.

Six, the addition of the motor has a dual power function, Mini Crane Claw Machine broaden the scope of application, reduce the cost of use.

Seven, small cranes small size, more suitable for rural construction.