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High Operating Efficiency Of Vending Machines

Sep 14, 2017

Vending machines are machines that put coins to sell goods automatically. It is a new type of commodity retail, it is not subject to any time and place restrictions, is known as "24-hour micro-supermarket." The vending machines used to sell only beverages, after years of development and upgrades, Prize Vending Machine coupled with growing consumer demand for the purchase force, Vending machines now sell almost everything in life, including food, beverages, cigarettes, newspapers, stamps, daily necessities, etc.

Advantages of vending Machines

Compared with traditional retail business forms, such as shopping malls and supermarkets, vending machines show the following advantages:

2.1.1 Labor Savings

Traditional shops, shopping malls, supermarkets and even roadside stalls, regardless of what kind of merchandise, must employ staff to be responsible for sales and collection work. With the improvement of our country's economic level, the labor cost is more and more high, Prize Vending Machine and the trend of continuous soaring is shown. According to the minimum wage standard in 2015, the minimum wage in most areas is over 1000 yuan, and the developed areas such as Shanghai and Shenzhen have already exceeded 2000 yuan. Even hiring the cheapest labor force is a huge investment for any business. And vending machines can realize automatic collection, change, Prize Vending Machine sales and other functions, save labor, thus saving the labour force, reduce the capital investment for enterprises, more land to improve the profit space.

2.1.2 Space saving

The type and size of vending machines determine the size of the area, the most common beverage vending machine is about two square meters, compared to the same shops that sell beverages, the size of the vending machine can be said to be negligible. And it can be set up almost anywhere. Can be the station, schools, Prize Vending Machine hospitals and other public places, can also be set in the streets. Do not pay a large amount of shop rental fees.

2.1.3 No time limit

Vending machines can continue to operate at any time, no time limit for work, 24 hours of work, which is impossible for any artificial sales. Moreover, it has brought great convenience to the people, Prize Vending Machine the user can buy the product at any time, solves the trouble of shopping after the evening store closes. At the same time, its uninterrupted business has brought more economic benefits to the enterprise and created great economic value.

2.1.4 High operating efficiency

Vending machine Sales process is based on the computer program, it is responsive, accurate calculation, very few errors. Consumers only need to follow the instructions, complete the appropriate steps to the successful shopping. And when shopping on the vending machine, Prize Vending Machine there will be no service attitude, cheating consumers, neglecting duties, and personnel disputes. Therefore, vending machine sales speed and operating efficiency is significantly higher than artificial.

2.2 The structure and function of vending machine

The variety of vending machines is varied, although the goods they sell vary in size and shape, but their main components, interface layouts, and functions achieved are generally consistent. Prize Vending Machine The following is the most common, the most typical of the two vending machines for example, the specific analysis of its components and corresponding functions.

Through the comparison and analysis of the common vending machines, the main structure and basic functions of vending machines can be summed up in common. General vending machine internal mainly including circuit, computer control system, commodity storage device, mechanical transmission device, these internal structures to ensure that the vending machine's various external structure function to achieve. Because the internal structure of vending machine has little effect on the common use of the design, in this paper, Prize Vending Machine the appearance of vending machine is analyzed and studied.

According to the structure of the vending machine can be clearly seen, general vending machine outside the main coin, coin exit, display screen, Commodity display window, select button, take cargo mouth and other parts of the composition, according to its functional correlation can be divided into display area, selection area, payment area, picking area.

1) display area. The display area of vending machine usually has the display window of the goods, the working status display, the amount of the display, etc. Some new vending machines also have large LCD touch screen, in addition to display the sale of goods, also used to play commercial promotional ads or preferential information, some models will also be in the form of pictures or video to cycle the use of the vending machine instructions.

(2) Select the area. This area is usually set up under the Product display window, each item corresponds to the corresponding selection button, can be clicked. With the popularity of the touchscreen, the function of the button is largely replaced, (3) the payment area. The area includes currency slot, coin slot, currency button, change refund and so on. The device of the payment area can be said to be the technical core area of the vending machine, the advanced and advanced of vending machines, to a great extent, depend on the advanced nature of the payment method and the accuracy of the currency recognition, the traditional vending machines often use cash payment method, Prize Vending Machine set up the cashier device to put coins or banknotes, and have the change device. And in recent years, the new appearance through the mobile phone sweep code payment, sound wave Payment also quickly popular up, this kind of payment method saves the coin change trouble, in the vending machine occupies the space is also very small, only needs to guarantee the machine network, deducts the user related NET bank account corresponding amount to be possible.

(4) Take the cargo area. After the user successfully pays the purchase price, Prize Vending Machine the machine will push the goods into the receiving port, and some vending machines will automatically open the corresponding commodity baffle, which the customer can take.