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Large Crane Mobility Good

Oct 20, 2017

The large crane is a kind of machinery that can complete vertical lifting and horizontal movement at the same time, and is widely used as the main construction machinery in industrial and civil engineering.

Large cranes are multiple action large lifting machines that lift and carry heavy weights horizontally within a certain range. Also known as a crane. belongs to the material handling machinery. The working characteristic of large cranes is to do intermittent movement, that is, Big Crane Claw Machine the corresponding mechanism of picking, transporting and unloading in a working cycle is alternating, and the development and use of large cranes in the market is more and more extensive.

Large cranes mainly include hoisting mechanism, running mechanism, luffing mechanism, revolving mechanism and metal structure. Hoisting mechanism is the basic working mechanism of large cranes, they are mostly composed of hanging system and winch, also have the lifting of heavy objects through the hydraulic system. The operating mechanism is used for vertically moving heavy weights or adjusting the working positions of large cranes, which are generally composed of motors, reducer, brakes and wheels. The luffing mechanism is only equipped with a large jib crane, Big Crane Claw Machine the amplitude of the boom is decreased, the amplitude of the tilt is increased, the balance amplitude and the unbalanced amplitude are two kinds. The slewing mechanism is used to make the jib swing, which is composed of a driving device and a slewing support device. The metal structure is the skeleton of the large crane, Big Crane Claw Machine the main bearing parts such as the bridge frame, the arm frame and the door frame may be the box-shaped structure or the truss structure, also may be the abdominal plate structure, some may use the steel as the support beam.

A large crane is a large crane mounted on the chassis of an ordinary car or a special car, and its driving cab is set separately from the lifting control room. The advantages of this large crane are good maneuverability and rapid transfer. Meet the technical requirements of road vehicles, Big Crane Claw Machine so can be unimpeded on all types of highways. This kind of large cranes are generally equipped with up and down two control rooms, the operation must be extended leg to maintain stability. The starting weight range is large, from 8 ton ~1000 ton, chassis axle number, can from $number root. is the largest production, the use of the most extensive type of large cranes.

Working principle:

Underneath the boom, there is a rotating reel, which is wrapped around the wire rope, and the wire rope pulls the upper lifting arm out of the pulley on the top of the next arm, and so on. When retracted, the reel is reversed to reclaim the wire rope, and the lifting arm is retracted in the next time. Big Crane Claw Machine This rotating reel is driven by a hydraulic motor, so you can see two tubing, but don't use it as an oil cylinder.