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Large Crane Operation Precautions

May 27, 2017

Large crane installation should be in accordance with the requirements of mechanical equipment safety technical specifications, the installation of mechanical equipment, displacement, lifting, attachment, demolition activities, and the quality of the installation and the safety of their operations are responsible.

Before the installation and dismantling of large cranes, the installation and dismantling of the construction plan and the construction safety accident emergency rescue plan should be arranged according to the product specification, the construction site environment and the relevant standards. Big Crane Claw Machine The technical personnel and the construction person in charge shall carry out the work Safety technology.

Prior to installation or removal of heavy cranes, Big Crane Claw Machine the operator should check the integrity of the equipment to be installed or disassembled. Operation, should set up a warning area, prohibit unrelated personnel to carry out the construction site. Construction site should be set up for the unified command of the staff and full-time guardian of the staff. The process should be post, set people, will be responsible. Operators should strictly implement the construction program and disassembly process.

Large crane safe operation requirements:

First, Big Crane Claw Machine the staff should be careful transfer of the class, the hook, wire rope, brakes, safety protection device to seriously check the reliability and found abnormal reports in a timely manner.

Second, before starting the operation, you should confirm the following conditions in a safe state to boot:

(1) Big Crane Claw Machine whether all controllers are at zero;

(2) whether there is any personnel on the crane and the working area, whether the operator has evacuated to the safe area;

(3) whether there is an obstacle in the scope of operation of the crane;

(4) whether the minimum distance between the crane and other equipment or fixed buildings is above 0.5 m;

(5) whether the power supply circuit is locked or warning signs;

(6) whether the flow crusher in accordance with the requirements of a good venue, firmly and reliably play the legs.

Third, before driving, you must ring or alarm; Big Crane Claw Machine operation close to the people, should be given to ring tones or warning.

Fourth, the driver in the normal operation of the process, shall not be the following acts:

(1) parking with the location limiter;

(2) the use of anti-car brake;

(3) Big Crane Claw Machine during the lifting process to carry out inspection and maintenance;

(4) with the load to adjust the lifting, luffing mechanism of the brake, or with a load to increase the operating range;

(5) hanging things may not pass from the top of the head, hanging objects and under the arm can not stand.

Fifth, in strict accordance with the command signal operation, Big Crane Claw Machine the emergency stop signal, no matter who issued, must be implemented immediately.

Sixth, hanging load close to or reach the rated value, or lifting dangerous goods (liquid metal, harmful substances, flammable and explosive), before the lifting of the brake carefully check, and with a small height, short trip test hanging, to confirm no problem And then lifting.