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Large Cranes Are Widely Used In Construction Sites

Aug 23, 2017

Large cranes are also known as cranes, which mainly refers to a certain range of vertical lifting and horizontal transport of heavy objects of the multi-action large lifting machinery.

Large crane is mainly used for loading and unloading and transfer of materials, is the primary production of modern equipment. The use of lifting transport machinery, can reduce the labor intensity, reduce loading and unloading costs, reduce the damage to the goods, Big Crane Claw Machine improve labor productivity, the end of the production process mechanization and automation is not a short machine equipment. So it is widely used in factories, mines, ports, stations, construction sites, power plants and other production areas. Large lifting machinery is an intermittent, Big Crane Claw Machine repetitive working way, after lifting hooks or other spreader lifting, lowering, or lifting and transporting heavy machinery. Its work characteristics are cyclical. In each working cycle, its primary organization makes a positive and reverse movement, each cycle contains the loading and unloading of items, Big Crane Claw Machine the transfer of items of work and unloading after the empty hook return, before and after the two loading between There is a short stop with the help of the preparation time.

To summarize the working characteristics of large lifting machinery, from the perspective of safety skills analysis, can be summarized as follows:

(1) Large lifting machinery usually has a huge structure and a more messy organization that can end a lifting movement, one or several horizontal movements. Work process, Big Crane Claw Machine often a few different directions of movement with the operation, skills more difficult.

(2) the lifting of the heavy variety, the load is changed. Some heavy weight of several hundred tons or even thousands of tons, and some objects up to tens of meters, Big Crane Claw Machine the shape is very irregular, so that the process of hanging and the risk of clutter.

(3) most of the large lifting machinery, the demand in a larger range of operation, and some to install trajectories and wheels (such as tower crane, bridge crane, etc.), and some to install tires or track walking on the ground (such as Car cranes, crawler cranes, etc.), and the need to walk on the wire rope (such as passenger, cargo aerial ropeway), the event space is larger, once the impact of the incident area is also larger.

(4) some large lifting machinery, the demand for direct carrying personnel in the rails, channels or wire rope to do lifting movements (such as elevators, lifting channels, etc.), Big Crane Claw Machine its reliability directly affect personal safety.

(5) exposed, the activities of the more parts, and often with the lifting of the staff directly touch (such as hooks, wire rope, etc.), potentially a lot of occasional risk factors.

(6) work environment messy. From large steel joint enterprises, to modern ports, Big Crane Claw Machine construction sites and so have a large crane in operation; often encounter high temperature, high pressure, strong magnetic and other risk factors, equipment and staff posed a threat.

(7) work often require more people to work together to carry out an operation, ask the command, strapping, driving and other staff cooperation skill, action coordination, mutual care, the staff should have the ability to deal with on-site emergency situation. The close cooperation between the many staff, Big Crane Claw Machine there is a big difficulty.

It is precisely because of the impact of many of the above factors, lifting and causing more trouble, so the use of lifting equipment must be strictly safe and safe, as far as possible to reduce the incident. Enterprises should be punctured on the lifting equipment to eliminate security risks.