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Large Cranes Have A Long History

Aug 14, 2017

The use and history of heavy cranes

Whenever we see a big crane that is running, we are amazed that these machines are sometimes huge and can push tons of goods into the air. See these monsters when we have a psychological with a kind of dismay, and sometimes even a little fear of the mood, we will think that if the hanging of something or a large crane crashed the wrong position will happen Horrible things. The big crane is indeed a fascinating mechanical system, whether it is adult or child all praise.

The variety of heavy cranes is varied and has a long history. Large cranes use one or several simple machines to form a mechanical structure and to transport items that can not be moved by those who can not move. In general, a large crane consists of a reel, a bundle of metal ropes, Big Crane Claw Machine or a metal chain for simultaneous promotion, placement or horizontal movement of goods. The work area of large cranes is generally in the transportation industry where cargo is needed, the construction industry that needs to carry building materials and the manufacturing industry that needs to assemble heavy equipment. 1. Overview The first large crane with mechanical structure was invented by the ancient Greeks, and by humans or animals like donkeys, as a power source. Big Crane Claw Machine This large crane is used for the construction of large buildings. This large crane was later developed into a larger, large crane powered by a manpower pedal for the promotion of heavier materials. Medieval port cranes were used to load the ship's cargo, and some port cranes were built in the stone tower for greater lifting weight and better chaos. The oldest cranes were made of wood, but after the industrial revolution, cast iron and steel replaced the wood for the manufacture of large cranes. Big Crane Claw Machine Although water mill and windmill can use natural energy to drive, but for centuries, the power source of large cranes has been human or animal power. The first big crane with mechanical energy was used in steam engines, and the earliest steam cranes were thrown in the 18th to 19th centuries, and some were even well used until the end of the twentieth century. Although the supply of energy is still out of reach, and now there are some large cranes are still in use, but the modern large cranes generally used in internal combustion engines, electric motors, Big Crane Claw Machine hydraulic systems for large cranes to provide much greater than before the promotion.

 There are a wide variety of cranes - each of which is tailor-made. The size is made up of the smallest arm-type cranes used in the workshop to the tallest tower cranes for the construction of tall buildings. However, Big Crane Claw Machine small cranes were also used to build skyscrapers in order to make use of the buildings in a narrow space to make construction more accessible. Finally, let's take a look at the more giant pontoon cranes, which are typically used to build oil drilling platforms and salvage submerged vessels. Big Crane Claw Machine This article also deals with large hoisting machines that have not been mentioned before, but are not often seen, such as stacking cranes and loading and unloading cranes

Material handling has become an important part of human production activities, dating back more than five thousand years of development history. With the expansion of production scale and the improvement of automation, large cranes, which are important equipment for material handling, Big Crane Claw Machine are becoming more and more widely used in the modern production process. The role of large cranes plays an increasingly important role, and the overall requirements for large cranes are also higher The higher the higher.

As the scale of industrial production continues to expand, increasing production efficiency, as well as the production process of material handling costs accounted for the proportion gradually increased, to promote large or high-speed large crane demand continues to grow. From the weight of the growing, more and more high speed, and energy and reliability of the higher requirements. Such as metallurgy, nuclear power, papermaking, Big Crane Claw Machine garbage disposal of special heavy cranes, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, insulated cranes and railways, ships, containers for the function of large cranes continue to improve performance and adaptability stronger than ever. With the transport of goods resources more and more heavy, more and more, manpower is simply impossible to complete the task, but it is difficult to imagine the Egyptian pyramid is in what way. Perhaps the progress of human society on the application of the machine has a strong dependence on the use of machinery in the scope of more and more widely, so the mechanical transmission series after another, large crane is not bad. Large crane mechanical constant innovation, continuous transformation, continuous development.