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Large Cranes Have Good Performance

Oct 11, 2017

The large crane is a kind of machinery that can complete vertical lifting and horizontal movement at the same time, and is widely used as the main construction machinery in industrial and civil engineering.

In the use of large cranes, all moving parts will inevitably produce wear, loose connection pieces, oil deterioration, corrosion of metal structure, which can reduce the technical performance, Big Crane Claw Machine economic performance and safety of large cranes. Therefore, in order to prevent and eliminate the hidden trouble, the large cranes are always in good condition and the large cranes should be maintained.

Do the maintenance of large cranes, can play the following role.

1, to ensure that large cranes often have good technical performance, is the normal and reliable work of various institutions, improve the integrity rate, utilization and other management indicators.

2, to ensure that large cranes have good performance, strengthen the protection of structural parts, maintain a reliable connection, electro-hydraulic components and functions of normal, to avoid abnormal vibration due to mechanical and electrical factors, Big Crane Claw Machine to meet the normal use of large cranes requirements.

3, to ensure the safe use of large cranes.

4, in line with the provisions of the State and departments of environmental protection standards.

5, reasonable and effective extension of the service life of large cranes. Through the maintenance of large cranes, effectively prolong the repair interval of large cranes or institutions, Big Crane Claw Machine including overhaul cycle, and prolong the service life of large cranes.

In the process of hoisting heavy lifting, it is customary to call the inertial load a dynamic load. In the lifting engineering, the dynamic load factor is counted into its influence. Big Crane Claw Machine The general dynamic load coefficient K1 is 1.1.