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Main Structure And Principle Of Small Cranes

Jul 20, 2017

Small cranes are an ideal lifting device which is flexible, easy to operate, efficient and reliable. Specially adapted to engineering work. Especially in the field of lifting, steel, timber market and narrow site operations, more can play its strengths. The correct use of cranes can reduce the wear and tear of the machine and prevent the failure. For high quality, low consumption, safe to complete production tasks, play an important role. This episode, Mini Crane Claw Machine we will introduce to you the use of small cranes and maintenance knowledge.

I. Main structure and principle of crane

QLY3.0B Series cranes, according to performance indicators are divided into three types: 3080A crane, 3060A Crane, 3050D Crane. Mini Crane Claw Machine Below we take the 3050D type crane as an example to introduce to everybody in detail.

3050D Crane has a rated power of 7KW. Its structure mainly by hook, telescopic arm welding and, basic arm welding and, car cab, luffing cylinder, car cab, Mini Crane Claw Machine on the turntable welding and, slewing support, tires and other components.

Second, the preparatory work before lifting operation first, the crane in the use, must be in accordance with the maximum weight of the product installed counterweight, we use the machine here need to counterweight 800kg is enough. It is possible to select something with heavy iron or other weight, Mini Crane Claw Machine and distribute them evenly in the counterweight box.

Fitted with heavy, to check the parts of the fastening, especially to see before and after the bridge, tires, brake part of the screws and turntable bolts loose, if the loosening should be tightened. Mini Crane Claw Machine Then check the firmness of the sling. Then check the tubing and fuel tank whether the oil leakage, water tank leakage. The lubricating parts should be adequately lubricated. Hydraulic oil is also sufficient. Add a clean, labeled diesel fuel to the fuel tank. Add clean cooling water to the tank. Finally, after the car, look at the oil pressure gauges (0.25), Ammeter (15A), water temperature (80 degrees below) is within the specified scope.

Before lifting the work, but also according to the weight of the lifting weights to select the appropriate pulley hook group. General, single wire rope lifting 1.25t weight, twice times rate steel rope lifting 2.5t, three times times the rate of wire rope lifting 3.75t, four times times the rate of wire rope lifting 5t.

1, enter the construction site of small cranes hoisting equipment, before entering the security personnel, mechanical equipment management personnel need to check and acceptance of equipment. Where mechanical safety can not meet the safety requirements, resolutely to exit. Where appropriate repair, Mini Crane Claw Machine to meet the safety requirements, the release of the renovation notice, after the maintenance, review qualified, hang the qualified card, and after the Shenyang Special Equipment inspection qualified, can be put into use.

2. Hoisting equipment used by small cranes shall provide inspection certificate and the following information before assembling.

⑴ Products production License and factory certification.

The effective technical standard and specification of ⑵ products.

⑶ products of the relevant drawings, check technical data.

Specification for technical performance and safety protection devices for ⑷ products. Organize safety and mechanical technical management personnel before use to take part in the inspection. Can be used after the inspection is qualified, can entrust the city Construction Safety Supervision and administration organization to carry on the examination. Inspection qualified hanging inspection certificate. Mini Crane Claw Machine Does not meet the technical specifications, safety performance, can not satisfy the construction safety needs, can not be put into use.

3, small cranes operating personnel belong to the Special operations personnel, should be trained, the examination qualified, hold a certificate. According to the relevant provisions of Shenyang, Mini Crane Claw Machine special operations personnel engaged in special operations, the original location (city) above the labor protection supervision organs issued by the Special Operation Card, do not meet the above provisions, shall not be engaged in the project department hoisting operations.

4. The commanding officer of a small crane must hold a certificate and work closely with the operator to carry out the required command signal. The operator shall perform the operation according to the signal of the commanding officer, and when the signal is not clear or wrong, the operator shall refuse to execute.

5, the operation personnel of small cranes should strictly implement the "Ten not hanging" provisions formulated by the manager.

(1) The hoisting arm and lifting the heavy weight under the person to stay or walk no hanging.

(2) Hoisting command should be qualified by the technical training of full-time personnel, no command personnel or signal is not clear to hang.

(3) Steel bar, steel, pipe, such as slender and multiple objects must be securely strapped, more points of lifting, strapping is not strong is not allowed to hang.

(4) Porous board, Ash bucket, Mini Crane Claw Machine hand pusher dump no four point hanging or large formwork without unloading armor is not allowed to hang.

(5) The hanging block must use the safe and reliable block clamp, the hanging brick must use the brick cage, and stacking neatly, the sporadic objects to use the container stacking is safe, Mini Crane Claw Machine the stack is not allowed to hang.

(6) Hanging objects on the station are not allowed to hang.

(7) The plate pile and the well point tube buried in the ground are not allowed to be hanged and adhered to.

(8) Multi-machine operation should ensure that the lifting weight distance is not less than 3m, in the same track on multiple machine operations, no safety measures are not allowed to hang.

(9) No hanging in strong wind area above six level.

(10) The diagonal pulls the heavy weight or exceeds the mechanical permissible load to prohibit the hoisting.

6, small cranes variable amplitude indicator, torque limiter, weight limiter and a variety of travel limit switches, such as security devices, should be intact, sensitive and reliable, may not be arbitrarily adjusted or dismantled.

7, small cranes work, lifting arms and heavy objects under the prohibited people stay, work or through. When a heavy lifting is carried, it is strictly forbidden to pass through. Mini Crane Claw Machine Cranes are strictly prohibited from carrying personnel.

8, prohibit the large-scale lifting equipment to dock in the deep Foundation pit edge. When the crane is working, the driver may not leave the cab without authorization.

9, prohibit the use of cranes for oblique pull, oblique hanging and lifting underground buried or frozen on the ground of heavy weights, as well as other unknown weight objects.

10, strictly prohibit lifting the heavy load for a long time hanging in the air, the operation in the event of a sudden failure, should take measures to drop the heavy load to a safe place, and shut down the engine or cut off the power after maintenance. In the event of a sudden blackout, Mini Crane Claw Machine all the controllers should be dialed to 0, disconnect the mains switch and take measures to reduce the weight to the ground.

11, the security personnel in the daily security check, strictly according to the safety operation procedures, the safety technology gives the content to carry on the inspection, the supervision, discovers the question promptly corrects

12, on-duty personnel in the hoisting work, the work should urge the lifting workers to check the sling, wire rope, safety device, limit device, braking device safety status, found that the problem should be stopped immediately. After troubleshooting or replacing the qualified spreader, the hoisting can be continued.

13, on duty personnel should do a good job in hoisting area safety protection work, set up the necessary warning zone, prohibit the non-operator to carry on the warning area. When lifting the work, it is forbidden to pass the weight from the head and set up the signal transmission when necessary. Command signal must be clear and correct, equipped with necessary whistles, command flags, etc. to ensure the safety of hoisting operations. To do a good job in the safety protection of small cranes can better allow the work to proceed smoothly. Learn more about crane knowledge Welcome to Kam Niu Crane.