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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Large Cranes

Jun 26, 2017

Large crane, also known as crane, is a certain range of vertical lifting and horizontal transport of heavy objects of the multi-action large lifting machinery, is in the modern economic construction, social production activities to improve the material handling conditions, improve labor productivity indispensable logistics and transport Equipment, has been widely used in various areas of economic construction. Large cranes are usually driven by the transmission mechanism (hoisting mechanism - moving the goods up and down; operating mechanism - moving the large crane; rotating mechanism and luffing mechanism - moving the items horizontally), plus metal mechanism (steel structure), maneuver control , Electrical system, power plant and the necessary auxiliary device combination, this machine is mainly through the lifting hook or other spreader reclaiming material, lifting, falling, Big Crane Claw Machine moving or unloading into pieces, but also hanging bulk material And liquid materials, the agencies are often in the start, braking and positive and negative direction of the working state of operation, its work is intermittent, cyclical, repeatable transport work. The same time as the above-

Large crane in the course of the use of a greater risk, mainly because of its complex structure, large structure, wide operating space, variable load. In order to better implement the "Regulations" to avoid unnecessary equipment and major accidents, the occurrence of personal injury and death, Big Crane Claw Machine a unified supervision by a competent department to strengthen the use of large crane management and security is very necessary. In the occurrence of many mechanical accidents of large cranes, the reason, the staff in violation of operating procedures and equipment lack of effective maintenance is one of the important factors. In the daily use of large cranes, some units of security awareness of light, heavy use, light maintenance and maintenance, Big Crane Claw Machine and even mechanical sick work phenomenon exists for a long time, which the use of large cranes to bring some security risks. Therefore, the maintenance and repair of large cranes can not be ignored. The same time as the above-

The maintenance and maintenance of large cranes is directly related to the safety of the use of large lifting machinery. It is an important factor in determining whether the large crane equipment can maintain the follow-up vitality and thus create more economic benefits. Any mechanical equipment, in the long-term use of the process, some parts and connectors are due to vibration, friction and other factors and inevitably loose, corrosion, aging, damage and so on. In order to extend the service life of large cranes, reduce equipment failure rate, reduce and eliminate security risks, the use of units on a regular basis for large crane equipment maintenance work is necessary and very important. Only to regularly check, maintenance and maintenance of large cranes, Big Crane Claw Machine the need for lubrication of the parts of the lubrication, the need for tightening the components of a solid, vulnerable parts of its maintenance, replacement, etc., in order to eliminate equipment failure, The accident rate makes the crane more safe to run to create better economic benefits. The same time as the above-

According to the "special equipment safety supervision regulations" and "large crane safety inspection regulations" and other laws and regulations on the implementation of large crane maintenance and maintenance work done by the provisions of the use of large cranes as a unit, in addition to requiring strict operation To comply with the relevant special equipment, technical specifications and safety procedures, but also should attach great importance to its maintenance and maintenance, equipment for the production of economic benefits, Big Crane Claw Machine but also part of the funds into the heavy crane equipment maintenance and maintenance work, Regular maintenance, timely maintenance, in order to better ensure equipment and personal safety. The same time as the above-

Maintenance and maintenance of specific parts of large cranes

1. Maintenance and maintenance of transmission

Check whether the wire rope fixtures meet the requirements and check whether there is corrosion, broken wire, loose stock, broken strand, bending, kink, wear, flattening and other phenomena, such as more than the relevant provisions must be immediately renewed; No cross-section wear, tearing, cracking, torsional deformation, increased opening and other defects and related pin, with or without serious wear; check whether the pulley is equipped with anti-rope slot device, pulley rotation is flexible, Whether the edge of a broken edge, wear, crack and other conditions. The same time as the above-

2. Maintenance and maintenance of brake

Check the brake spring and the rod with or without fatigue deformation, cracks and other defects; view the gearbox, gear box, external gear, the gearbox, the gearbox, the gearbox, the gearbox, Gears and other parts of the lubrication and hydraulic oil is leaking; often check the oil filter with or without plug, the safety valve in the use of the adjustment value after the change; the friction on the surface of the brake, Big Crane Claw Machine there should be no dirt Dirt must be washed with gasoline or thinning; check the wheel tread, whether the fatigue axis of the crack phenomenon, wheel tread wheel wear is excessive, whether there is gnawing track phenomenon. The same time as the above-

3. Maintenance and repair of metal structure

During the use of the need to regularly check whether the main force components of the overall or local fatigue deformation, loosening, instability, serious corrosion, cracks, damage and other phenomena, the transport should try to prevent deformation and collision damage; check the connection bolts or rivets Solid, especially the vibration parts are loose, defects and other defects; check the structure of the connection, the weld has no obvious deformation cracking.