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Maintenance Of Large Cranes

Sep 14, 2017

Big Crane Maintenance 5 function and related knowledge

In the use of large cranes, all moving parts will inevitably produce wear, loose connection pieces, oil deterioration, corrosion of metal structure, which can reduce the technical performance, economic performance and safety of large cranes. Therefore, in the large crane parts wear has not yet reached the extent of the impact of large cranes, to prevent and eliminate hidden dangers, Big Crane Claw Machine to ensure that large cranes are often in good condition, the large cranes should be maintained and maintained, do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of large cranes, can play the following role.

1, to ensure that large cranes often have good technical performance, is the normal and reliable work of various institutions, improve the integrity rate, utilization and other management indicators.

2, to ensure that large cranes have good performance, strengthen the protection of structural parts, maintain a reliable connection, Big Crane Claw Machine electro-hydraulic components and functions of normal, to avoid abnormal vibration due to mechanical and electrical factors, to meet the normal use of large cranes requirements.

3, to ensure the safe use of large cranes.

4, in line with the provisions of the State and departments of environmental protection standards.

5, reasonable and effective extension of the service life of large cranes. Through the maintenance of large cranes, effectively prolong the repair interval of large cranes or institutions, including overhaul cycle, and prolong the service life of large cranes.

At present the big cranes in our work shop and life are very many see, whether in the construction industry, or in the transport industry can see this kind of mechanical equipment, Big Crane Claw Machine but also play an important role, and each of the other equipment has its unique characteristics, so what are the characteristics of large cranes?

First, the large crane is a kind of handling equipment, this equipment can realize the object whether it is horizontal direction, or vertical direction of the overall displacement, especially in the construction industry to build high-rise, it needs this kind of goods to carry building materials, Big Crane Claw Machine greatly saving manpower, but also can improve efficiency.

Second, large cranes have different structural forms, now large cranes according to the structure of different types, there are a variety of kinds, Big Crane Claw Machine there are common bridge-type cranes, gantry cranes, manual cranes, large electric cranes and many other forms, so consumers can choose according to the needs of the site.

Third, the big crane operation is simple, the operator only needs to carry on the simple training, may complete the entire operation process, but the operation must follow the process to carry on, must pay special attention to the safety question. If you want to choose a good large crane, we must select a large-scale professional manufacturers, so as to ensure the quality of equipment, can bring high efficiency, low failure, Big Crane Claw Machine personnel security and so on.