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Maintenance Of Small Cranes

Aug 14, 2017

How do small cranes do the usual maintenance:

1, small cranes of the transmission parts should be scheduled to fill the grease. Such as reversing arrangements, drive arrangements, walking wheels, bearings and so on.

2, the structure of small cranes welds are often checked and found welding in time welding.

3, check the small crane frame body bolts, found loose and timely fastening. For the use of rod body connection, it should be careful to check the connection bolts, together with the bolt to prevent the use of elastic washers loose.

4, the safety equipment in the daily work before the inspection, if damaged failure, Mini Crane Claw Machine should be qualified after the work.

5, the primary force of the surface of the components should be regular rust, paint, Mini Crane Claw Machine to avoid corrosion due to the strength of the force components to reduce the impact of safety and the use of life.

6, often check the lifting rope and pulley wear and found that wire rope damage should be replaced, the rim damage, groove and groove bottom wear beyond the standard should be replaced.

7, often check the electrical system of the primary components, Mini Crane Claw Machine all components should be active and reliable, excellent contact touch, contact pressure and distance from the technical requirements.

Maintenance of small cranes after 100 hours of operation

(1) Replace the oil in the oil pan of the small crane.

(2) clean and replace the hydraulic small crane oil filter filter.

(3) Clean and replace the small forklift diesel filter cartridge (perhaps after a total of 200 hours of work).

(4) Check the cylinder head bolts tightening.

(5) check the valve clearance is not in line with the rules, if necessary, should be adjusted.

(6) clean into, flutter trachea and silence in the coke and so on.

(7) Check the battery voltage. The relative density of the electrolyte should be 1.28-1.29 (atmospheric temperature 15 ℃)

Less than 1.27. Well check the electrolyte surface is not higher than the plate 10-15mm, Mini Crane Claw Machine the lack of compensation should be distilled water.

(8) Grease grease lubrication parts.

(9) For parts that are disassembled for maintenance work, the parts must be accurately and reliably reassembled.

Maintenance of small cranes after 200 hours of operation

In addition to working after 100 hours of maintenance work items, but also to add the following items:

(1) check the small crane injector pressure and fuel injection, if necessary, clean the fuel injector or adjust.

(2) exchange cooling water every 200 hours or according to water quality. Mini Crane Claw Machine Take out the thermostat, install the water pipe; launch the firewood machine and continue to convert the speed, so that the cooling water shaking flow rate, the auxiliary cooling system within the sediment; and then open the water tank and the body of the water switch on the water park parking; Mini Crane Claw Machine Water from the mouth of the water constantly write, and then start the diesel engine to idle work to make water activities, timely check the discharge of water to release the water until the cleaning, the closure of the water switch, parking 'complex thermostat.