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Operation Characteristics Of Small Cranes

Jul 10, 2017

The characteristics of small cranes: According to the vehicle chassis can be divided into: small car hanging, agricultural crane, tricycle crane, homemade chassis. According to the number of crane hook can be divided into: single hook small crane, double hook small crane.

As China's small crane search started in the 1970s, relatively late, and the pace of development is not fast, but only in recent years have greater development, and abroad, there is a big gap. Specifically in: 

1. Small varieties, low yield China's small crane is in the primary stage of development, Mini Crane Claw Machine less variety. Small tonnage repeat more, has not yet formed a large, medium and small complete series, the annual output is only equivalent to a foreign manufacturers of production capacity. The same time as the above-

2. Small lifting speed, low level of technology China's small crane to straight arm winch, by the domestic car chassis restrictions, lifting torque is small, Mini Crane Claw Machine other performance indicators are generally lower than foreign advanced products. At present, domestic enterprises have little investment in research and development of small cranes, and the technical level of hydraulic system and control system has a certain gap. The same time as the above-

3. Safety devices are not complete, Mini Crane Claw Machine the operation is not convenient China's small crane is only equipped with lifting height limit and balance valve, relief valve and other general safety devices, all for manual operation. And foreign electronic technology has long been widely used in small cranes, such as with a microcomputer torque limiter and anti-tipping protection, etc., and has achieved a wired and wireless remote control. The same time as the above-

4. Function of a single small crane to lifting the main operation and transport functions, and foreign crane are equipped with a variety of, mainly installed in the boom head, Mini Crane Claw Machine such as work bucket, grapple, aerial work platform, all kinds of grasp With a jaw, a basket, auger, a fork, a treadmill, a puller, etc., so that the small crane has a multi-purpose function. In addition, some foreign manufacturers to further develop a special small railway cranes and other special products. The same time as the above-

5. China's small crane design monotonous, ignored and the coordination of the car shape, and foreign small crane color is very strict, not only in the shape and color to achieve and the integration of trucks, but also requires the city and the landscape coordinated with the appropriate.

Safety of small cranes

1. Very understanding of their own vehicles, Mini Crane Claw Machine must know his function and restrictions, as well as some of its special operating characteristics. The same time as the above-

2. Should be fully familiar with the provisions of the small crane operating manual. The same time as the above-

3. Should be fully familiar with the small crane hoisting map. Must understand the meaning of all signs and warnings; to be able to calculate or determine the actual hoisting capacity of small cranes. The same time as the above-

4. According to the requirements of manufacturers, regular inspection and maintenance of small cranes. The same time as the above-

5. Do a good job of small crane work log, in the log records: all detection, maintenance and maintenance of small cranes and other detailed records. The same time as the above-

6. Find the load, install the lock, and find out where the load is specific. Although the operator is not responsible for determining the weight of the load, if he does not verify the weight with the supervisor, he is responsible for the small crane and all its consequences. The same time as the above-

7. Consider all factors that may affect the hoisting capacity of small cranes and adjust the weight of the hoisting accordingly.

8. Know how to load the basic equipment on the rigging, and to ensure the implementation of specific operations.

9. Keep good communication with the signal.

10. Smooth, safe operation of small cranes. The same time as the above-

11. When a small crane is operated, Mini Crane Claw Machine it should be shut down and operated correctly.