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Small Cranes Adopt A Unique Design Concept

Sep 14, 2017

Small cranes are an ideal lifting equipment which is flexible, easy to operate, efficient and reliable to work. Specially adapted to engineering work. Especially in the field of lifting, steel, timber market and narrow site operations, more can play its strengths. The correct use of small cranes can reduce the wear and tear of the machine and prevent the failure. For high quality, low consumption, Mini Crane Claw Machine safe to complete production tasks, play an important role.

Small cranes Adopt A unique design concept, with small size, light weight, small wheel pressure characteristics. Compared with the traditional small cranes, Mini Crane Claw Machine the minimum distance of the hook to the wall surface, the lowest clearance height, the branch force small cranes to be able to close to the front work, the rise height is higher, actually has increased the effective working space of the existing workshop. Because small cranes have light weight, small wheel pressure characteristics, Mini Crane Claw Machine the new plant can be designed smaller, more complete functions.

The main characteristics of small cranes are: its working mechanism is mostly a single elevating mechanism, which can be transported horizontally in certain occasions. Mini Crane Claw Machine This kind of mechanical lifting ability is small, the structure is simple, the cost is low, carry more convenient.

Precautions for small cranes before commencement of construction

1. Workers entering the construction site must wear safety helmets and comply with the security system at the scene.

2. Tower Crane installation personnel must undergo professional and technical training and professional examination of qualified, licensed, and qualified, Mini Crane Claw Machine and carefully comply with the installation of the relevant provisions of the Tower.

3. Strictly abide by the safety rules, no illegal operation and drink operation.

4. Hoisting and hoisting of the command personnel must hold the certificate, the operation should be in close cooperation with the operator, the implementation of the required command signal. Operators should be in accordance with the signal operations of the command personnel, when the signal is not clear or error, Mini Crane Claw Machine the operator can refuse to execute.

5. Small cranes should be kept flat and solid in their driving and working areas, Mini Crane Claw Machine and should be kept safe from ditches and pits.

6. The key inspection items before the start-up of small cranes should meet the following requirements:

(1) The Safety protection device and the instruction instrument are safe and intact.

(2) The wire rope and the connecting part conform to the stipulation.

(3) fuel, lubricants, Mini Crane Claw Machine hydraulic oil and cooling water to add sufficient.

(4) The connection parts are not loose.

(5) The tyre pressure meets the requirements.

7. Before the small cranes start, the operation Lever should be put in the air position, the hand brake should be locked dead, after starting, should idle operation, check the indicator value of each instrument, the operation of normal after the joint hydraulic pump, to the pressure to reach the specified value, Mini Crane Claw Machine oil temperature of more than 30 ℃, before the start of the operation.

8. Before the operation, should all stretch out the leg, and under the support foot Mat Square wood, adjusts the body to make the slewing bearing surface the inclination in the load-free not to be greater than 1/1000 (the horizontal bubble Center). The pin must be plugged into the leg. Mini Crane Claw Machine The chassis is a small crane with elastic suspension, and the stabilizer should be tightened before placing the leg.

9. The operation of the leg control valve is strictly prohibited. The adjustment of the leg must be carried out without load and the lifting arm will be transferred to the front or rear to be adjusted.

10. The length and elevation of the boom should be adjusted according to the weight and height of the lifting weights, and the height of the sling and the weight itself should be estimated, Mini Crane Claw Machine leaving the appropriate space.

11. Small cranes should be carried out in accordance with the prescribed procedures, while the lifting arms should be lowered accordingly. When the limiter emits an alarm, the arm should be stopped immediately. When the lifting arm retracts, the elevation should not be too small.

12. After the lifting arm is stretched out, the length of the front section arm is greater than the length of the post section, Mini Crane Claw Machine which must be adjusted to remove the abnormal condition before the operation can be done.