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Small Cranes Are A Labor-saving Tool For Business Operations

Sep 25, 2017

The use of small cranes and maintenance of small cranes is a flexible, easy to operate, efficient, reliable and reliable lifting equipment. Especially for engineering operations. Especially in the field of lifting, steel, timber market and narrow site operations, the more play its strengths. Mini Crane Claw Machine The correct use of the crane, can reduce the wear and tear of the machine to prevent the occurrence of failure. For high-quality, low consumption, safe to complete the production tasks, plays an important role.

With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of the level of national modernization, we can see in a number of areas of small cranes figure, small cranes is the enterprise into the engineering operations of the effort tool, Mini Crane Claw Machine then with the industrialization process to speed up the enterprise crane requirements More and more strict. And for some enterprises lifting heavy weight, small cranes What are the characteristics of it?

1. Small crane heavy weight, small size;

2. Small crane design is unique, compact structure, beautiful appearance;

3. Small crane structure is simple, easy to operate;

4. Small crane moving flexible and comfortable working range;

5. Small crane installation and transportation convenience, saving the handling costs;

6. Small cranes are affordable and have low investment costs.

7. Low cost of maintenance of small cranes;

8. Small cranes are ideal for lifting light and light cargo.

Small crane with a unique design concept, with small size, light weight, small wheel pressure characteristics. Compared with the traditional crane, the hook to the wall of the minimum distance of the smallest, Mini Crane Claw Machine the lowest clearance height, Branch of the crane can be closer to the front of the operation, lifting a higher height, the actual increase in the existing plant effective work space. As the light and small cranes with light weight, small wheel pressure characteristics, the new plant can be designed to be smaller, more complete function.

The main feature of the small crane is: its working mechanism is mostly a single lifting mechanism, in a particular occasion, can also be used for horizontal transport. Mini Crane Claw Machine This mechanical lifting capacity is small, simple structure, low cost, easy to carry.

The small crane, including the body, is connected with a support base on the right side of the upper surface of the vehicle body. The upper part of the support base is connected with a lifting rod on the right end hinge. The crane is fixedly connected with a small motor and a small motor There is a rope, the left side of the rope and the small motor drive shaft fixed connection, Mini Crane Claw Machine the lifting rod top fixed connection with the rope corresponding to the hanging ring.