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Small Cranes Are Fully Functional

Aug 02, 2017

Small cranes are characterized by light, compact structure, simple operation, the scope of projection to point, line-based. Light and small lifting equipment, Mini Crane Claw Machine generally only one lifting mechanism, it can only make a single heavy lifting movements. Belong to this category are: jack, pulley, hand (gas, electricity) hoist, winch and so on.

Small crane with a unique design concept, with small size, light weight, Mini Crane Claw Machine small wheel pressure characteristics. Compared with the traditional crane, the limit distance from the hook to the wall is the smallest, the clearance height is the lowest, and the crane is more close to the front work, and the lifting height is higher, which actually increases the effective working space of the existing plant. Mini Crane Claw Machine As a small crane with a light weight, small wheel pressure characteristics, the new plant can be designed to be smaller, more complete function.

Key features

The main feature is: its work institutions are mostly single lifting agencies, in specific occasions, can also be used for horizontal transport. Mini Crane Claw Machine This mechanical lifting capacity is small, simple structure, low cost, easy to carry.

Types of

According to its structure and performance of different, generally can be divided into light and small lifting equipment, Mini Crane Claw Machine bridge type crane and boom type crane three categories.

Light and small lifting equipment such as: jack, hoist, hoist and so on.

Bridge type lifting machinery such as beam cranes, gantry cranes and so on.

Boom type cranes such as fixed rotary cranes, tower cranes, truck cranes, tires, crawler cranes and so on.