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Small Cranes Have Good Performance

Aug 23, 2017

The small crane is an ideal lifting device with flexible, easy operation, high efficiency and reliable operation. Especially to adapt to engineering operations. Especially in the field of lifting, steel, timber market and narrow site operations, the more play its strengths. Proper use of the crane, can reduce the wear of the machine to prevent the occurrence of failure. For high-quality, low consumption, Mini Crane Claw Machine safe to complete the production tasks, plays an important role.

Small crane in the reducer is a power transmission mechanism, the use of gear speed converter, the motor (motor) the number of revolutions to the desired number of revolutions, and get a larger torque of the body. It is used in a small crane to convey power and movement in the body, the application of a wide range of reducer, almost all kinds of mechanical transmission system can see its trail, from the transport of ships, cars, locomotives, construction Of the heavy machinery, machinery industry used in processing equipment and automated production equipment, Mini Crane Claw Machine to the daily life of household appliances, watches and so on. Its application from the large power transmission work, to a small load, accurate angle transmission can see the application of reducer, Mini Crane Claw Machine and in industrial applications, the reducer has a slowdown and increase the torque function, it is widely used in small crane speed and Torque in the conversion mechanism. Planetary reducer is a widely versatile new reducer, the internal gear with 20CvMnT carburizing quenching and grinding. The machine has the characteristics of small structure size, large output torque, high speed ratio, high efficiency, safe and reliable performance. Mini Crane Claw Machine Mainly used for small crane rotary mechanism, but also as a supporting component for lifting, mining, transportation, construction and other industries. Planetary reducer has the advantage of relatively compact structure, small return gap, high precision, long life, the rated output torque can be done very large.

In the use of small cranes, the moving parts will inevitably produce wear, loose joints, oil deterioration, corrosion of metal structures, resulting in small-scale crane's technical performance, Mini Crane Claw Machine economic performance and safety performance to varying degrees. Therefore, in the crane parts wear has not yet reached the impact of small cranes before the degree of failure, Mini Crane Claw Machine in order to prevent and eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure that small cranes are often in good condition, should be small crane maintenance and maintenance.

Do a good job of small crane maintenance and maintenance, can play the following role.

1, to ensure that small cranes often have a good technical performance, is the work of the various institutions are reliable, improve its intact rate, utilization and other management indicators.

2, to ensure that small cranes have good performance, Mini Crane Claw Machine to strengthen the protection of structural parts, to maintain a solid connection, electro-hydraulic components and normal operation and function, to avoid abnormal vibration due to electromechanical factors to meet the normal requirements of small cranes.

3, to ensure the safe use of small cranes.

4, in line with national and departmental requirements of the relevant environmental standards.

5, reasonable and effective to extend the life of small cranes. Mini Crane Claw Machine Through the maintenance of small cranes, effectively extend the repair interval of small cranes or institutions, including overhaul cycles, thus extending the life of small cranes.