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Structure Composition Of Small Lifting Machinery

Jun 13, 2017

Small cranes that lift vertically and carry heavy loads horizontally within a certain range. Also known as a crane. belongs to the material handling machinery. The working characteristic of small cranes is to do intermittent motion, that is, the corresponding mechanism of picking, Mini Crane Claw Machine transporting and unloading in a working cycle is alternating.

The development history of small cranes: The Shan of the ancient Chinese irrigation farmland is the prototype of the jib-type small cranes. In the 14th century, a small, human and animal-powered revolving jib crane appeared in Western Europe. In the early 19th century, there was a bridge-type crane, and the important wear parts of small cranes, such as shafts, gears and slings, began to be made of metal materials and hydraulic drive was used. In the late 19th century, steam-driven small cranes gradually replaced small hydro-powered cranes. Since the beginning of the the 1920s, because of the rapid development of electrical and internal combustion engines, Mini Crane Claw Machine small cranes with electric motors or internal combustion engines are basically formed.

1.2 Structure of small cranes

Small cranes mainly include lifting mechanism, operating mechanism and metal structure. Hoisting mechanism is the basic working mechanism of small cranes, they are mostly composed of hanging system and winch, also have the lifting of heavy objects through the hydraulic system. The operating mechanism is used to vertically and horizontally move weights or to adjust the working position of small cranes, which are generally composed of motors, reducer, brakes and wheels. Metal structure is the skeleton of small cranes, the main bearing parts such as bridge, arm and door frame can be box-shaped structure or truss structure, can also be the web structure, Mini Crane Claw Machine and some can be used as a beam.

Depending on the structure of the small cranes can be divided into: Shan Bridge-type small cranes. It can be used in the rectangular space and the above work, for the workshop, warehouse, open storage yard, and other goods loading and unloading, there are beam type small cranes, bridge type cranes, Mini Crane Claw Machine small gantry cranes, cable small cranes, carrying bridges. Shan jib type small crane. It can be used for the operation of the round space and its overhead, which is more for open loading and installation, with small gantry cranes, small floating cranes, small mast cranes, wall cranes and deck cranes. In addition, small cranes can be classified according to drive mode, type of work, maneuverability and use. L-type single girder gantry crane is a type of bridge, suitable for the general loading and unloading and lifting operations along the freight railway.

1.3 Small hoisting machinery structure

The small hoisting machinery consists of a driving device, a working mechanism, a pickup device, a control system and a metal structure. By manipulating the control system, the driving device transforms the power input into mechanical energy (that is, the appropriate force or velocity), and then transmits it to the pickup device. The pickup device will be connected with the small crane, Mini Crane Claw Machine and the material handling task can be completed through the work mechanism alone or in combination. The movable metal structure connects the components to a whole and carries the weight and weight of the small cranes.

1.4 Drive Device Driver

The drive device is used to drive the power equipment of the working mechanism. The common driving devices are electric drive, internal combustion engine drive and manpower drive, etc. Electricity is a clean, economical energy, electric drive is the main driving type of modern small cranes, almost all of the limited scope of the operation of small-scale rail cranes, elevators, elevators and so on are powered by electricity. Internal combustion engines are used for mobile small cranes (such as small car cranes, small tyres and small crawler cranes) that can be moved far away. The manpower drive is suitable for some light lifting equipment, Mini Crane Claw Machine also serves as the auxiliary, the standby drive and the accidental (or the accident condition) temporary power of certain equipment.