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The Advantages Of Vending Machines

Jul 10, 2017

How does the vending machine tell the coin?

First, the sensor coil first detects the size of the coin, and the solenoid is to detect its material

In the moment the coin is cast, the machine will determine the coins, and put them classified

When found strange, counterfeit money will be ejected

When you change the time, the machine will release the coins one by one

And how does the vending machine ensure that you get your own food?

Behind the keyhole in the vending machine, there is a microcomputer that controls the corresponding size of the matchbox

These motors can drive the wheel 360 degrees to turn

When the food falls, Prize Vending Machine it will pass through the 10 infrared beam, if the infrared is not sensed anything, the computer will issue a command to exit the coin

Vending machines are now available in large and medium-sized cities everywhere, but related to Japan, South Korea, Europe and other countries of our vending machine equipment can only be just started.

Technology is driven by the development of consumer power, technology changes in life, vending machines is the case. With the increase in the cost of living, shop, Prize Vending Machine decoration and other traditional shop cost is bigger, you need to entrust rent, decoration, labor, all kinds of taxes and other capital, doing the profit is not a few If you count the position advantage, in fact, many of the traditional store is a loss, the annual rent, price, labor costs are up, the pressure naturally great, Prize Vending Machine fixed sales form does not really fixed, does not match the income The

The application of the vending machine deals with this problem at a large level, it can be placed freely, without affecting all aspects of the situation; its goods can be adjusted, according to market demand; it can operate in the background, out of stock It can be a lot of money, no rent, only to pay a part of the electricity or site fees to pay a fee, It can be cooled in the winter and summer can get the trust of customers; it can change the location according to the situation, do not need too much cost; it can 24 hours a day, all day after the closure, no holidays, do not give it to pay Any wages, only need to give it power on the line. It can put drinks, food, adult supplies and other goods, the maximum deal with customer needs.

A lot of advantages, Prize Vending Machine how to choose the brand is a more tangled problem, then how to better choose the brand?

Any product in the market competition is great, vending machine is no exception. Select the product is not necessarily well-known is the best product, not a good quality of good sales must be good, from the mobile phone industry will be able to see.

First of all, Prize Vending Machine to choose can be independent research and development, and mold consumption of spare parts. Independent research and development to ensure product independence, as for the consumption of spare parts for post-sale can be guaranteed.

Second, many manufacturers do not have the ability to spend, get some parts from here, where to get some parts, the combination has become my own, this is also able to market a lot of this is the case, but this ordinary sales can not keep up , The machine is also easy to run the problem.

Third, innovation talent. A business is not innovative to be terrible, but also the most likely to die business. To ensure that innovation must ensure the supply of talent, so that consumption of products in the market to get better competitiveness