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The Development Of Vending Machines

Jun 26, 2017

Vending machines are found everywhere in Japan, although there are many convenience stores, but it still has its own presence. But in China, most vending machines are in places you can not see. More than 50% of the machines in the factory, the school accounted for about 28%, the rest is the road, subway, office ... ...

Vending machines are a collection of fashionable concepts and new forms: convenience; rounding labor costs; infinite possibilities of goods - these seem to be the possibility of fire it up. But in the Chinese market, it seems that there is not a tipping point so that it really pop up, why so? And the current Chinese market, the largest players, it seems to have to lead it to another direction, which is what causes?

A strong mobile Internet atmosphere broadens everyone's imagination, and the traditional industry, such as vending machines, has found some new directions. In addition to mobile payment on the front-end purchase changes, in order to improve operational efficiency, Friends of the treasure developed a set of intelligent interconnection system, built in the vending machine. Prize Vending Machine It can monitor the number and type of existing goods in the vending machine in real time, and the replenisher can directly see the replenishment of the background data, rather than the experience as before.

Consumers can also support the purchase of App through the phone or buy goods, which is equivalent to and the vending machine has more opportunities for interaction, Prize Vending Machine you can use rebate this incentive to get more consumer demand data for the beverage supplier to provide More feedback.

Networking, with a touch-screen vending machine is not only good-looking only, but also a machine can play a "media" function, the introduction of interactive advertising and promotion. According to the British special data, last year the beverage market for sale of 500 new products, these new products are often relying on offline retail channels to test the water test, test consumer response - compared to convenience stores, vending machines is a lower cost The channel.

The development of vending machines allows Coca-Cola to have more than 100 kinds of beverage products in Japan,Prize Vending Machine  while the US market is much less product type.

The silhouettes of the vending machines are coming from time to time, but most of the time people tend to ignore their presence, and only when they are forced to go Patronize several times, buy a bottle of water or a pack of chewing gum.

According to official data, in 2000 China's vending machines less than 1 million units, more than 10 years later to 2015 China's vending machine ownership is still only 400,000 units, compared to 1.4 billion population, this figure is negligible The In the retail industry is very developed in Japan, an average of 23 people have a vending machine, Prize Vending Machine compared to China's vending machine industry can only be regarded as just started.

Especially in the domestic first-tier cities, electricity providers are extremely developed convenience store everywhere, vending machines are not popular, and in small and medium cities, vending machines are still curious about new things, so the vending machine industry in the long ten years before Has been the development of the placid. So, why do vending machines in China do not become a giant industry in the tens of billions of dollars as in developed countries?

With more than a dozen industry experience in the development of vending machine manufacturers that the problem is nothing more than two: First, consumer habits are not really developed, Prize Vending Machine consumers demand for vending machines is not big enough; Second, the existing automatic sales Cargo aircraft is not smart enough, can not really form a sticky and interactive with customers.

Relevant industry experts believe that all the retail must be limited to a certain scene, and we look at the vending machine application scenarios: consumers suddenly want to buy water, buy snacks, or buy a bottle of beer, and then purchase, during Only a few minutes and a few seconds time, but the purchase of the data is real, the previous vending machine is just a showcase, and now the new smart vending machine, Prize Vending Machine customers will be pre-large data analysis, to understand the customer's buying habits , Regular, regular launch of the regional customers of the daily consumption of different categories of products, and truly change due to customers. And because of the intelligent management platform, with the vending machine managers, whether it is management or understanding of the entire sales are very easy, directly through the phone you can know what goods need to fill, which goods more easy to sell, when the need for better goods and Type and so on.