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The Vending Machine Industry In China Has Great Potential

Jan 20, 2017

Vending machines are called "super salesman that never work." Is the 70 's of the last century in Japan and Europe and the development of high-tech products, which retail has appeared in 65 countries and regions of the world. In many cities the downtown, people can often see the figure of a vending machine.
 Convenience: "mini-stores" everything

"Mini-stores" selling merchandise, from coffee, cigarettes, liquor has been elevated to some daily necessities, even newspapers, rice, stamps, postcards, batteries, videotapes can also be automatically sold. Now, other than roadside vending machines, had access to schools, factories, hospitals, game rooms, parlors, theaters and other public places. According to statistics, the world's largest vending machine market, Japan has more than 5.6 million units, products sold through vending machines up to more than 6,000 kinds of 112.2 billion annual turnover of 7 trillion yen. Every year, the only beverage sales equivalent to 159.3 billion yuan, per capita, with 1 vending machine for every 23 people, per capita consumption in the vending machine, 56000 yen.

In China, living in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Qingdao and other major cities, is no stranger to the vending machine. In 1999, it began to enter China market. Now, in the passenger flow in airports, subways, shopping malls, parks and great places, is not difficult to find a vending machine on the scene. Customers Insert 5 Yuan, 10 Yuan, 20 Yuan notes or coins, you can easily buy into commodities such as beverages, chewing gum. As a cutting-edge retail and vending machine has been welcomed by likes to chase the young fashion.

Profit: sales not only so simple

Vending machine franchise income mainly includes three parts: sales revenue, advertising revenue and fee income. Advertising revenue refers to the operator the fuselage external agents advertising revenue, while the road is like a supermarket entrance fee charged to supplier. There are indications, if advertising revenue, fee income into account, one of 21 vending machines annual operating profit of around 15,000 yuan.

Shanghai vending machine operators, due to sourcing and operational features, 3 vending machines alone, the average monthly turnover reaching 75,000 yuan, gross profit of 36%.

Vending machines as a return advantage, maintenance convenient and fast investment in equipment, has made more and more with the development aspirations of people tasted the sweetness of the boss, and primitive accumulation of capital quickly.

In foreign countries and Hong Kong, many people use vending machines as a second job, without affecting the work and steadily increasing revenue, two in one fell swoop. In other countries, there was a middle school student, saving parents usually give him pocket money and bought two vending machines, until he graduated, was a network made up of more than more than 30 vending machine owner.

For those that benefit poor workers, sales persons, and laid off staff, the vending machine is also one of the best, steady and reliable revenue between now and the future is visible, tangible. There eyes are one step ahead, quietly earning a lot of zero advertising and supplements.