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The Vending Machine Is Called A 24-hour Mini Supermarket

Nov 01, 2017

An automatic vending machine that automatically pays the goods according to the coins put in. Vending machine is a common business automation equipment, it is not limited by time and place, can save manpower, facilitate transactions. is a new form of commercial retail, also known as the 24-hour micro-supermarket business. Can be divided into three kinds: beverage vending machine, food vending machine, Prize Vending Machine integrated vending machine.

With the development of economy and people's continuous pursuit of the rich life, vending machines began to popularize rapidly. Due to the high economic growth, the establishment of a large number of consumer goods production system, while the need to adapt to the large-scale logistics approach, to meet this need is vending machines and supermarkets. In the area of beverage as the main commodity, with the advent of canned coffee, Prize Vending Machine the world's first hot and cold canned beverage vending machine, which can sell cool and hot beverages, has made a big step towards popularization. Because of the promotion of the vending machine for hot and cold canned drinks, the circulation industry can improve the space utilization of equipment and achieve a balanced sales in the whole year. After the raw material processing with the paper cup and other sales of the cup-type vending machine field, from the instant coffee machine, ordinary espresso machine, and even can be in the machine inside the coffee beans and milk after the ordinary coffee machine, Prize Vending Machine fast response to the changes in consumer preferences.

Vending machine is the product of labor-intensive industrial structure transforming into technology-intensive society. The changes in mass production, consumption and consumption patterns and sales environment require a new circulation channel, and the production of new circulation channels, such as supermarkets and shopping malls, and the rising costs of labor, and the limitations of venues and the convenience of shopping, Prize Vending Machine Vending machines have emerged as a necessary machine.

Vending machines have long been popular in foreign countries, and the streets and apartments are everywhere. In the United States, Japan and Europe as a whole, the application of vending machines has been extended to small foods, hot and cold beverages, fast food, gaming software, cigarettes, newspapers, stamps, cards, Prize Vending Machine and personal hygiene items. Among them, the application of vending machines in Japan is representative. Vending machines have become a symbol of the hustle and bustle of Japanese cities. This machine is not limited to selling cigarettes and other goods, but also provides a number of new services, such as donating change to a non-governmental organization, or to watch the small screen broadcast advertising information to get discounts. With a new vending machine, consumers can get discounts even if they buy only one cup of hot coffee, because in the process of heating the coffee, Prize Vending Machine a piece of advertising is displayed on the LCD screen, and consumers can get a discount on their patience with the ads. There are also new models that can accept donations to non-governmental organizations. Currently, more than 10,000 vending machines are available on the streets of Japan, but the demand is still high. There is also a model in which the machine beeps when a user who is in a dangerous state of health presses a button. In addition, Japan's leading beverage distributor has signed an agreement with the government to launch a "disaster-emergency" vending machine. Prize Vending Machine When natural disasters such as earthquakes occur, the central computer processing system will give instructions to the vending machine, and the public can freely extract beverages and food from the machine.

Will change the drink with the season, summer time All is a cold drink, to fall hot drinks will change to, the price and convenience store like, is a little more expensive than the supermarket, Prize Vending Machine but is very convenient. There are also many kinds of vending machines, such as bottles, cans, cups, tea, cola, coffee, milk and so on. Individual places can see vending machines selling beer, all sizes of beer, but not often encounter, usually will only sell a brand of beer, will be placed outside the beer shop.

With the continuous popularization of vending machines, there are some problems in governance.