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Vending Machine Business Of How To Choose The Right Aisle

Jan 20, 2017

With the economic development, the advancement of technology, more and more vending machines appeared in the schools, factories, subways, hospitals and other major places, artificial intelligent self-service is a trend across all industries, the retail industry is no exception.
Vending machines on the market there are many, there are vending machines vending, snack vending machines, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, general merchandise vending machines vending machines and so on. Although the vending machines have been around for many years, maturity of technology and it is only in recent years.
Modern intelligent vending machine vending machine can be said to be not only supports cash payments, such as notes and coins, also supporting micro-credit, PayPal, Baidu wallets, mobile payments, can even support China UnionPay card, staff card, student card and other credit card payment, in addition to remote monitoring, operations personnel are not required to personally know site vending machine operational data. Above features not only easier for people buying things in the vending machine, vending machine operations also facilitates business.
Vending machine types, functions, but they use the road are few, are the most common spring spiral aisle aisle, crawler, high-end s-shaped stacking aisle, there are clusters of lattices. Here I simply talk about advantages and disadvantages of the aisle, as well as the vending machine business of how to choose the right aisle.

One aisle, spring screw
Spring spiral aisle also earlier appeared in vending machines on the aisle, the aisle has the characteristics of simple structure, selling a variety of merchandise, you can sell the snack food, daily necessities and other various commodities or selling bottled drinks.
Pros: low cost, selling a variety of merchandise.
Disadvantages: domestic selling bottled drinks easy cards, replenishment of trouble, need goods aisle took it out and then carefully put them one up, and bad will increase the rate card.

Aisle II track
Caterpillar spring aisle aisle can be said to be an extension of the limit is more suitable for sale has a fixed package, easy to pour the product.
Advantages: can sell canned beverages, shorter short snacks, lunch boxes and other can stand any merchandise.
Disadvantages: can not stand stability cannot sell all the goods (as long as commodities fall, like dominoes, an entire aisle), replenishment of trouble, need goods aisle took it out and then carefully put them one up, a waste of time.

Three-aisle, s-shaped stacking (also known as the serpentine aisle)
S-shaped stacking aisle was developed specifically for vending machine-specific aisle can sell a variety of bottled and canned drinks (cans of eight-treasure porridge as well), and beverage inside the goods stacked layer upon layer, relying on its own gravity drop shipment, not goods, shipped by electromagnetic control.
Pros: drinks layers stacked high space utilization; capacity, able to sell many kinds of beverages; determine shipping hard goods; rugged durable long life; simple replenishment, sideways throw drink directly on the line, replenishment, speed, low operating costs.
Cons: complicated structure, design and difficult, demanding, capable of producing normal businesses, manufacturing costs are high.

Four, multi Plaid
Lattice is a lattice Cabinet clusters, each cell has a separate door and control bodies, each box can be placed inside of a commodity can also be a commodity.
Advantages: you can sell a variety of goods (no packaging, no fixed shape, size large, complete sets of all package combinations, and so on), construct simple and low manufacturing cost.
Disadvantages: the accommodates low in number, space utilization.