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Vending Machine Direction

Jan 20, 2017

Enterprise how to judge the suitability of the product in the vending machine channel? today we summarized some experience, come and have a look.
, Product specifications and dimensions are suitable for vending machines?
Vending machine channels apart from other equipment is a characteristic of the product specification and size requirements, thankfully intelligent aisle dimensions no one vending machine that can be adjusted according to product size, convenient, self-service sale of goods provides greater space for development.
Second, commodity prices are suitable for vending machine channels?
Enterprise access when the vending machine must fully consider the impact of price for the sale of goods. At the time of entering the channel, can refer to similar patterns in order to make the best decision.
Third, the merchandise gross margin can satisfy the vending machine channels?
Different from traditional retail channels, current vending machine channels is that the merchandise gross margin the most demanding industry, if your merchandise gross margin is insufficient, vending machine operators do not generally accepted, and commodity firms also want to own the product gross profit margin with precise judgement can only be made after a reasonable solution.
Four, customer needs
Customer demand is the suitability of the product in the vending machine one of the most important considerations. Enterprise is right for access of the vending machine goods, must fully research, product characteristics, consumer habits, customs and so on must have a profound understanding and awareness in order to make the right judgments.
Five, whether caused channel conflicts
Vending machine market has great potential, but for now, still in the role of a supplementary channel, therefore, goods enterprise in when entering the channel choice of goods, product, enterprises must fully consider whether it will cause conflict with other traditional channels.
Note: product come to the vending channel is used to evaluate the work needed before the various surveys and studies to do the work, do a more careful job related, lower the relative chances of failure.