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Vending Machine Hundred-percent Identification Notes

Jul 20, 2017

Vending machines provide customers with beverage retailing services that are not limited by venues, time, environment, distance, etc.

Automatic vending machine receiving system can support:

1, micro-letter payment, Alipay payment, note payment, Coin payment (standard)

2, support the management of the cloud, Prize Vending Machine anytime and anywhere to log in the background to view, change the machine running data

3, multimedia video playback, can play on the machine screen scrolling pictures or brand video ads

4, automatic collection of silver, automatic change, hundred-percent identification notes

Many large shopping malls, in order to reduce operating costs, improve customer satisfaction, will be placed in the mall vending machine, Customer self-service purchase, Prize Vending Machine greatly reducing the check-out time. There are a number of enterprises, work in the process of staff will appear thirsty situation, in the company to open a small sell shop, is not conducive to staff management, the installation of several vending machines for the staff of the work and the company's management will have a great positive effect, then, how to use the vending machine?

1 understanding the structure of vending machines

The typical structure of vending machine is shown in the following figure, from top to bottom in order of sales status, money input mouth, coins into the mouth, exit handle, take the goods mouth, the most conspicuous structure is the sale of goods in the area of the type and price, Prize Vending Machine we can choose according to individual needs.

2 Observation Sales Status

When you decide to buy something at the vending machine, first of all, make sure the vending machine is working properly and if it shows "sales," the machine can be used properly. There is a special case that will show "insufficient change", at this time, the machine can still be used, Prize Vending Machine but must invest the exact amount of money, otherwise the extra money will be stolen by the machine.

3 Putting Money in

Once you have made sure that the machine is in good condition, you can start shopping. Input value of "1 Yuan", "5 Yuan", "10 Yuan", "20 yuan" paper money, and the surface of banknotes, no wrinkles, dead corners, breakage, etc., the general vending machine on the identification of paper money is poor, it is recommended to use a good saving paper money.

4 putting coins

The automatic vending machine is very good for the coin recognition, so in general, Prize Vending Machine it is best to put in coins, but it must be put into the nominal denomination, such as "1 Yuan", "5 cents" coins.

5 Choose the right product

Put a considerable amount of paper money or coins, you can buy things, to watch the product under the button, such as display "sell empty", then can not choose, should choose the bottom without any reminder signs of the purchase of goods, gently click on it.

6 Take out the goods

Choose their favorite merchandise, in the shipping outlet to take out their own purchase of goods, gently lift the bezel, take the goods, do not force too big, lest damage the machine.

7 Exit Checkout

After you buy something, pull it down, exit the purchase process, and pay the bill, Prize Vending Machine and if you put more money or coins than you buy, wait a minute, and the machine will automatically find you more than that.