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Vending Machine Operating Efficiency Is High

Sep 04, 2017

The vending machine is a high-tech product integrating light, machine, electric, mechanical processing, refrigeration, heating, anti-counterfeiting and electronic software technology. It has the following characteristics: day and night service, convenient and free 24 hours a day to provide self- Can meet the consumer demand anytime, anywhere to facilitate the public. (1 yuan, 0.5 yuan coins), easy to ride, take the subway. Simple operation, Prize Vending Machine quick and innovative into the notes or coins, press the corresponding button, the selected goods that is immediate, doubling the fun of shopping. Fidelity goods, express real price quality goods, affordable prices, Prize Vending Machine refused to fake and shoddy.

It is a machine that puts money into the automatic sale of goods. It is a new type of retail sales, it is not subject to any time and place restrictions, known as the "24-hour micro-supermarket." Once the vending machine generally only sell drinks, after years of development and upgrading, plus Consumers are growing demand for buying, Prize Vending Machine and now vending machine sales of goods almost cover all aspects of life, including food, beverages, cigarettes, newspapers, stamps, daily necessities and so on.

The advantages of vending machines

Save labor

Traditional shops, shopping malls, supermarkets and even roadside stalls, regardless of what kind of goods, must hire employees to charge for sales and payment work. With the improvement of China's economic level, labor costs are getting higher and higher, and showing a sustained soaring trend. According to the minimum wage in China around 2015, most areas of the minimum wage of more than 1,000 yuan, Prize Vending Machine developed areas such as Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities have exceeded two thousand dollars. Even hiring the cheapest labor force is a huge investment for any business. The vending machine can achieve automatic collection, change, sales and other functions, Prize Vending Machine eliminating the need for manual management, thus saving the labor force for enterprises to reduce capital investment, greater increase in profit margins.

save space

The type and size of the vending machine determines the size of the area required for the vending machine. The most common beverage vending machine is about two square meters. The area occupied by the vending machine can be compared to the same store Speak insignificantly. Prize Vending Machine And it can be set up almost anywhere. Can be a station, schools, hospitals and other public places, can also be set in the streets. Do not have to pay a huge shop rental costs. In the case of

No time limit

Vending machines can be operated at any time, no time to work, 24 hours of work, which is any manual sales can not do. And it brings great convenience to people, Prize Vending Machine users can buy the goods at any time, to solve the evening shop can not shop after the trouble. At the same time, its uninterrupted business for the enterprise to bring more economic benefits, creating a huge economic value.

Operating efficiency is high

The vending process of the vending machine is carried out according to the programmed computer program. It is responsive, accurate and rarely produced. Consumers only need to follow the instructions to complete the appropriate steps to successfully shop. But also in the vending machine shopping will not happen poor service attitude, to deceive consumers, neglect of duties, Prize Vending Machine personnel disputes and other issues. Therefore, the vending machine sales speed and operating efficiency was significantly higher than the artificial.

The environment of the vending machine

Vending machines are mainly located in shopping malls, stations, schools, Prize Vending Machine hospitals and other people flow-intensive, high consumption rate of the region.

These areas are often more open, have enough space to allow users to close operation, and can accommodate the queue of people, while avoiding the set in the stairs, outbound station, ticket gate and other places may cause traffic congestion. Taking into account the relationship between light and lighting, vending machines are generally set in a natural light or lighting location, so as to improve the operation of the machine can be recognized. Prize Vending Machine Vending machines need live work, so to provide power for the operation of the machine, and even need to have a broadband connection to ensure that it can online banking transactions. Because of this, the machine is generally set in the place where water is not prone to flooding, to prevent its circuit system is threatened. Vending machines work unattended, and some criminals in society often use this and use violence to steal goods from vending machines. So the vending machines are placed in the vicinity of electronic monitoring equipment, or there are areas of law and order security.