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Vending Machines Are Already Popular In Foreign Countries

Sep 25, 2017

The vending machine is a machine that can automatically deliver according to the coin. It is a common device for commercial automation. It is not limited by time and place, it can save manpower and facilitate transaction.

With the economic development, people continue to pursue the rich life, vending machines began to spread rapidly. As a result of the high degree of economic growth, the establishment of a large number of consumer goods production system, while the need to adapt to the large-scale logistics approach to meet this demand is vending machines and supermarkets. Prize Vending Machine In the field of beverage as the main commodity, with the advent of canned coffee, the birth of the world's first sales of cold and hot drinks hot and cold canned beverage vending machines, which has taken a big step towards the popularity. Due to the promotion of hot and cold canned beverage vending machines, Prize Vending Machine the circulation industry can improve the space utilization of equipment settings and achieve a balanced sales throughout the year. In the field of cup-type vending machines sold with paper cups, etc., from the instant coffee machine, the ordinary coffee machine, and even the ordinary coffee machine which can grind coffee beans inside the machine, Hobbies change.

Vending machines are the product of a labor-intensive industrial structure transition to a technology-intensive society. Mass production, large consumption and consumption patterns and changes in the sales environment, requiring the emergence of new distribution channels; and the relative supermarkets, Prize Vending Machine department stores and other new distribution channels, the production costs continue to rise; coupled with the limitations of the site As well as the convenience of shopping and other factors, unmanned vending machine as a necessary machine will come into being.

Vending machines have long been popular in foreign countries, the streets, Prize Vending Machine the apartments are everywhere. In the United States, Japan and throughout Europe, the application of vending machines has been extended to small food, hot and cold drinks, fast food, game software, cigarettes, newspapers, stamps, telephone cards and personal hygiene supplies and other aspects. Among them, Prize Vending Machine Japan's vending machine applications are representative. Vending machines have become a sign of the hustle and bustle of the Japanese city. This machine is not limited to the sale of cigarettes and other commodities, but also provides many new service features, such as donations to a non-governmental organizations, or by watching the small screen to play advertising information and discounts. Through a new vending machine, consumers even buy a cup of hot coffee can also get a discount, because the machine in the process of heating coffee, the LCD screen will play an ad, consumers only patience to watch the ad can be Get discounted. There are some new models that can accept donations to non-governmental organizations. At present, Prize Vending Machine the streets of Japan have more than 10,000 units can accept donations vending machines, but the demand is still great. There is also a model, when the health of the user in a dangerous state press the button, the machine will issue a warning sound. In addition, Japan's most important beverage distributor also signed an agreement with the government, launched a "disaster emergency" vending machine. When a natural disaster and other natural disasters occur, Prize Vending Machine the central computer processing system will issue a directive to the vending machine, the public can be free from the machine to extract drinks and food.

Features of vending machines Highlights:

1. The use of international MDB standard design, in line with international DEX standards, can support a variety of international standard peripherals.

2. Large bulletproof glass window display, LED lighting, can be intuitive to see the product, simple operation;

3. Can support Alipay payment, CUP flash payment, mobile payment, credit card payment or other payment methods.

4. With 32-inch LCD advertising LCD screen, support network playback, support U disk video, picture advertising player.

5. Explosion-proof, dustproof, waterproof all-metal keyboard.

6. Can also sell a variety of small products, goods for a wide range, suitable for a variety of products without refrigeration.

7. Microcomputer control system with intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, Prize Vending Machine fault self-diagnosis and other management functions.

8. Commodity goods size can be changed at any time, flexible to adapt to different sizes of various types of goods.

9. There is power-down protection function, Prize Vending Machine there is memory memory function.

10. Dropping, shipping inspection system.

11. Leakage protection function.

12. Fuselage material with all-steel structure, durable.