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Vending Machines Comply With International DEX Standards

Aug 14, 2017

Vending machines are commonly used in commercial automation equipment, it is not time, place restrictions, can save manpower, to facilitate the transaction. Is a new form of commercial retail, also known as the 24-hour mini-supermarket.

Automatic vending machine system functions:

1. Automatic suction powder: with automatic search around the crowd within the scope of the function, Prize Vending Machine can automatically send two-dimensional code to the crowd concerned about the fans become fans;

2. Cloud data: can support a strong cloud service management platform, anytime, anywhere through the network query for each machine sales information, operating conditions;

3. Remote management: can support 3G, GPRS wireless remote back office management system, Prize Vending Machine with video features, hardware and software with video functions, 3D database;

4. Intelligent interaction: can support exclusive PC-side, micro-mall, APP, WAP and other online shopping, line picking, Fun new O2O shopping new trend;

5. Security monitoring: can support control of the camera can be set up burglar alarm system, with remote monitoring, alarm, propaganda, video and other functions;

6. Interconnection expansion: can have extended networking capabilities, Prize Vending Machine may at any time to form a cluster self-service sales network (autonomous chain management extension).

Features of vending machines Highlights:

1. The use of international MDB standard design, Prize Vending Machine in line with international DEX standards, can support a variety of international standard peripherals.

2. Large bulletproof glass window display, LED lighting, can be intuitive to see the product, simple operation;

3. Can support Alipay payment, CUP flash payment, mobile payment, credit card payment or other payment methods.

4. With 32-inch LCD advertising LCD screen, support network player, Prize Vending Machine support U disk video, image advertising player.

5. Explosion-proof, dustproof, waterproof all-metal keyboard.

6. Can also sell a variety of small products, goods for a wide range, suitable for a variety of products without refrigeration.

7. Microcomputer control system with intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, fault self-diagnosis and other management functions.

8. Commodity goods size can be changed at any time, Prize Vending Machine flexible to adapt to different sizes of various types of goods.

9. Power-down protection function, there is memory memory function.

10. Dropping, shipping inspection system.

11. Leakage protection function.

12. Fuselage material with all-steel structure, durable.

The typical structure of a vending machine

From top to bottom for the sales status, banknote input, coin entry, exit handle, pick up mouth, the most prominent structure is the sales area to sell the type and price of goods, Prize Vending Machine we can choose according to individual needs.

Observe the sales status

When you decide to buy things in the vending machine, first of all, to determine whether the vending machine can be used normally, if the display "sales", Prize Vending Machine said the machine can be used normally. There is also a special case that will show "zero enough", then, the machine can still use, but must be put into the number of money just, otherwise the excess money will be the machine to the private swallowed.

Put paper money

To determine the machine running in good condition, you can start to buy things. The paper can be used to set the denomination, no wrinkles, dead ends, breakage, and so on. Generally, the vending machine has poor ability to recognize the banknotes. Use a better banknote to save.

Put coin

Vending machine on the coin recognition ability is very good, so under normal circumstances, the best choice to put coins, but must be put into the provisions of denominations, such as "1 yuan", "5 angle" coins.

Choose the favorite goods

Put a considerable amount of paper money or coins, you can buy things, and watch the goods below the button, such as "show empty", you can not choose, should choose no warning signs below the goods to buy, gently click Can be.

Remove the goods

Choose their favorite goods, in the export side to take out their own purchase of goods, Prize Vending Machine gently lift the baffle, take the goods, do not force too much, so as not to damage the machine.

Exit checkout

After you buy something, pull down, Prize Vending Machine exit the purchase process to check out, if you put in the notes or coins more than you buy the goods, wait for a while, the machine will automatically find more than the money to you.