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Vending Machines Have Important Implications

Aug 02, 2017

The vending machine is a high-tech product integrating light, machine, electric, mechanical processing, refrigeration, heating, anti-counterfeiting and electronic software technology. It has the following characteristics: day and night service, convenient and free 24 hours a day to provide self- Can be anytime, Prize Vending Machine anywhere to meet consumer demand, to facilitate the public. (1 yuan, 0.5 yuan coin), easy to ride, take the subway. Simple operation, fast and innovative into the notes or coins, press the corresponding button, Prize Vending Machine the selected goods that is immediate, doubling the fun of shopping. Fidelity merchandise, express real price quality goods, affordable prices, refused to fake and shoddy.

Vending machines we are now seeing more and more, vending machines in the goods have become varied, and today we come to understand the next part of the automatic sale of goods management an important part of the vending machine sales of the structural characteristics of goods The

Commodity structure refers to the formation of different types of goods and the formation of different commodity varieties of the depth. Commodity breadth mainly refers to the number of commodity series, Prize Vending Machine commodity depth refers to the number of specific commodity varieties. Understand and maintain a reasonable commodity structure of the operating enterprises have important significance, then the vending machine sales of the main features of the commodity structure which?

Vending machine sales of goods within the structural characteristics of two main features:

● narrow: vending machine from the characteristics point of view, should be attributed to the mini-retail category, so the choice of goods in the category is relatively limited. To drink, for example, Prize Vending Machine the general industry common types of drinks mainly 4-7 categories. So from the width of the goods, it should be relatively narrow.

● shallow: refers to the vending machine sales of goods varieties are relatively small, and by the freight restrictions, specifications are more limited. Still drink, for example, the current industry in the mainstream of the beverage varieties will be about 15-22. So the commodity structure is a vending machine sales of another feature of the goods.

Narrow and shallow commodity structure is the advantages of high turnover efficiency, Prize Vending Machine operating the consumer is usually the highest purchase rate of goods, so the turnover rate is very fast. But the shortcomings are also very obvious, variety, types are very limited, limiting the consumer's selectivity, not to maximize the attracting all kinds of consumers, Prize Vending Machine but also difficult to form the characteristics of merchandise sales.