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Vending Machines Meet People's Needs

Jun 13, 2017

Vending machine is a snack drink machine, operating place is the subway, high-speed rail, railway stations, airports and other places, these places people traffic is very large, operating vending machine income is very considerable. Some people will say that these venues are bidding in, our company or personal strength is weak, there are other better points, the answer is YES! In addition to the above said some places, schools, factories, Prize Vending Machine hospitals and other places is also good choice, the following we will focus on the analysis of these three sites characteristics.

The school is divided into two kinds of situations, secondary schools and universities (too low primary school consumption and safety issues should not be considered), first said secondary school. Because many middle schools do not allow students to take mobile phones, in the selection of machines can save the phone sweep code payment module, can save some costs, only support cash payments and campus card cards on the line. In the university, Prize Vending Machine we all have mobile phones, are accustomed to pay treasure with micro-letter, usually with little cash, you can save the cash payment module (at least 2000 yuan cost), only to support the micro-letter Alipay pay the function of the payment. In the school more good point has the dormitory downstairs, teaching building hall, the playground next to the position, the students are more lazy, the price will be preferred to choose the nearest vending machine to buy things, and the vending machine can do the whole day 24 hours a year without rest, Prize Vending Machine which is also a major advantage of vending machines.

The hospital is also a very special place, the person traffic is extremely big, inside supermarket also little or not at all. It is very appropriate to place vending machines in the lobby, and if you can play the ads on the vending machines, you may be able to offset the cost of the hospital departments.

The factory is a special place, the close sex is stronger, the position is generally also relatively partial, the periphery has few shops, in the factory inside opens a supermarket to be not cost-effective, causes the worker's consumer demand to be difficult to be satisfied, but the vending machine precisely can satisfy their demand. Placed at the door of the restaurant or the door of the workshop or a large flow of roadside are available, Prize Vending Machine the payment method to choose micro-letter Alipay and staff meal cards on the line.

Finally, the point of fee, the difference between different places, such as in the subway high-speed rail need to bid, the point is very high, and in some companies in order to facilitate their own staff to provide free of charge to the point is also possible. Even if the point of charge, the cost is very low, a machine covers an area of only 1-2 square meters, occupied by the usual space is not used (such as stairs, aisle, wall, etc.), the office of Business building inside the area of 1 square meters of rent only how much money, so the vending machine point fee is relatively low, the most expense is electricity and labor costs. Now the vending machines are intelligent machine, all support intelligent temperature control, automatic heating automatic refrigeration, Prize Vending Machine especially the use of S-shaped stacking of the beverage vending machine, refrigeration and thermal insulation performance is excellent, open refrigeration on average a day 3-4 degrees of electricity. Intelligent vending machines also support wireless remote management background, you can view the various points of vending machine detailed operational data, how many goods sold, how much inventory, how much is cash or micro-letter Alipay at a glance, but also can change the price to upload the activity is very convenient, but also according to the data analysis reasonable arrangements for the volume of various goods, to maximize profits. With this kind of smart backstage, an operator can run 10 or more vending machines at the same time, and the labor cost of allocating to each point machine is very low.

In fact, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, a variety of interactive experience, based on large-scale personalized marketing, rich and colorful, greatly stimulate consumer desire for consumption, vending machine points are not limited to this, such as large communities, Prize Vending Machine tourist attractions, office buildings and so on.

Vending machine is different from other things, it is a pioneering money-making tools,not to swallow money, not disorderly shipments, do not love the good vending machine, like a taxi, bus, if the old anchor is certainly not, but open the big ran to run the ordinary rental is not cost-effective, how long it will take to recover the costs AH.