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Vending Machines Sell Items And Diverse

May 27, 2017

Recently, more and more people want to choose automatic coin vending machine, but in the end where, but always puzzled, what position can improve the sales of vending machines, small meow for now has been operating in the automatic vote Currency vending machine form analysis, provide the following places for everyone to discuss with the discussion!

First, the factory places: factories, workshops, factory guard

The factory is always a place we will ignore, we all think that only white-collar workers, young people will go to vending machines to buy, but it is not the case, Prize Vending Machine the factory is a good place for vending machine sales, because workers usually work Busy and compact, after a lot of work, they need to add is the most sugar and energy, but the factory does not have convenience stores, then a vending machine is the best choice, not only covers an area of small, and sales of goods can Variety, convenient and save time.

Second, the school places: University City, Prize Vending Machine secondary schools, training institutions, school cafeteria.

Students are a part of the community now buying groups, and no ill-treatment is the common idea of parents and students. Students will understand that the demand for beverages and snacks is very large, especially in the hot summer months, may be a person about 3 bottles a day or so, if it is just to catch up with physical education, the demand is more Big. Speaking of snacks, snacks, snacks is an integral part of every girl's life, Prize Vending Machine whenever the get out of class, the school's convenience store is always crowded scenes, but if you do not have to squeeze the purchase line payment, only Through the vending machine to buy a key, plus mobile payment, why not?

Third, the office: office, foreign-funded enterprises, Taiwan-funded enterprises, large companies office, rest area

White-collar can be described as an important symbol of a city image, people concerned about the white-collar eyes are more focused on their material level, Prize Vending Machine it can be said that white-collar action every move subtle change of a large part of the value of the crowd. Time is tight, Prize Vending Machine the pressure will often make these white-collar workers can not eat breakfast, drink hot milk, if the office downstairs placed several vending machines, to provide simple breakfast, drinks and even lunch, presumably will become everyone in the work before and after the most Love a little heaven and earth.

Four, the place of business: shops, wedding photo studio, cafes, cafes, clubs, leisure centers, hotels, cinemas, fast food, shopping malls, gyms, beauty salons, Prize Vending Machine body center apartments, hotels, bars, KTV, hotels, games room.

Above the operating place, have a lot in common:

1, the flow of people; 2, near the small canteen, convenience stores, etc .; 3, the crowd spending power are in the upper and higher; 4, the demand for convenience services

Then these places is nothing more than a good place for vending machines, suppose if you and I in these occasions, consumption, how could it be far away to find a convenience store?

In fact, the vending machine model is very mature, a lot of problems in fact on the card to the seat. Such as school, the school can accept the most vending machine place.