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Vending Machines Should Not Be Ignored

Jan 20, 2017

Today, the vending machine because everywhere seems to be overlooked. Objectively speaking, it is an origin of the earlier non-store sales. Plausible and roadside phone booths, vending machines into one class, open market has helped many products, and even some special products rely on this special sales to go into people's lives. Before you both now and in the future, vending machine is a non-store sales not to be ignored.
Vending machine life of present and future
Vending machine (vending machine) is the standard definition: "retail selling activities through a vending machine. "Automatic vending machines, also known as kiosks, has been widely applied to various types of goods. Auto sales, as its name implies, first of all is to have the buffet system, such as banknotes, coins or swiping device, self collect the money then can automatically change, of course, because of the cost of most machines can find coins. When putting or flush enough money, allowing customers to choose the goods, the goods can be soft drinks, coffee, food products, MP3 and so on machine, can be called a vending machine.
World's first vending machine was born in 215 BC in ancient Egypt temples, for dispensing holy water, lived in a famous mathematician Alexander describes it as CIC coins can have the temple holy water machine. In 1700, United Kingdom pub can use coins to buy cigarette cases for sale. In 1706, the Chinese made pencils vending machines that operate with coins.
Into the 20th century, Japan pioneered the development of practical use of vending machines. Japan first vending machine was published in 1904 "stamp postcard vendor", it is a postcard stamp sale and posting-write as one machine. In 1905, the United States Post Office began using stamp vending machines. In the 1920 of the 20th century, commercial cigarette vending machines have come into the market. In 1936, the NAMA (International Association of vending machine). In 1946, invented coffee vending machines.
Vending machine is the real popularity after the second world war. In the 1950 of the 20th century, "spray-type fruit juice vending machine" popularity, sold juice into a paper Cup. Later, due to United States beverage company to enter Japan market, in 1962, there appeared to be a vending machine as the main circulation of the revolution. In 1967, replaced by coins Japanese Yen 100 units of currency, so as to promote the development of the vending machine industry. 1960 note appeared on the bank counter.
Vending machines all over the world should say after 1970 have achieved rapid development, from the initial sale of chewing gum, cigarettes or bottled soft drinks and alcoholic beverages extends to all kinds of food and daily necessities, and extends to the services, such as jukeboxes, automatic washing machines, automated teller machines and other.
In 1980, the electronic components are equipped with vending machines. In 1985, the credit/debit card in a vending machine to achieve. In 1993, the vending machine data wireless transmission realization. In 2000, implemented on a mobile phone shop in the vending machine.